Wednesday, March 30

Memory Lane




When I was stripping away the wallpaper yesterday I came across this piece of wallpaper. It was the very first design we used in what was then, our new home - twenty years ago. The previous owners used our now snug as a dining room. The carpet was a navy blue and I used this on the lower part of the walls with a navy and claret floral design above.



I also came across this carpet - the very best that money could buy. Again, some twenty years ago. I bought this when I was "acting" deputy headteacher for a few terms - the rise in my pay was put away and this is what we bought with it. An accident from our border collie Tess stained the carpet and despite endless treatments and cleaning the stain remained. I vowed then I would never spend such a great amount on carpet again - or at least one which would not clean up!



Well as you can see the stripping of the walls has finally finished and my preparation work for the plasterer has now finished. Jon now needs to do some door furniture stuff, put some light switches in and remove the radiator. The plasterer came last night to size up the job and he will be coming towards the end of next week This gives us a week then! Wayhay!




The room seems much bigger without the cupboards – so we have decided not to put them back – we will find somewhere else for them to go. For now I am using a table from the lounge to stand the TV on.

I must say I am sleeping well – like a log  . Fortunately the amount of preparation in the snug is the most we will have to do downstairs as the remaining rooms have all been plastered since we moved here, nevertheless there is still plenty to do.

Following the problems I had loading pictures the other day I am now using Windows Livewriter – much more reliable!


  1. Boy, you've been working hard. Not sure that the throw goes with the walls though!
    Jane x

  2. I love my mum and dad to decorate and remove the wallpaper as there's writing on the walls behind the wallpaper from when I was little, now that's some years ago! I love seeing my attempts as writing.

  3. It's lovely finding reminders of years ago. A scrap of wallpaper can bring back such memories:-)

  4. It is coming along isn't it? soon be time to play with colour!

  5. Hehe, we've just had our boiler replaced and the work that's been done has uncovered some VERY interesting wallpaper - very 50s, I wished we could have kept it!

  6. I was looking through your blog this past bit with my coffee, loving the open feel in the snug, you are an inspiration!!
    Will continue to follow.. :) love Kai xx

  7. Like Jo, we used to write on the walls before papering when I was a child :)
    It's great finding 'hidden' memories.

  8. It's exciting watching other people work...grins. If it makes you sleep like a log, I'd better start on my rooms.

  9. It is exciting to renovate.

    Why don't you ask you husband to write a very nice story about how you deserve to win a free renovation. I watch your shows a lot.

  10. I have sent Sean Connery a request to solve an urgent and burning question.

    He will be at your door in his kilt. LOL

  11. That's a lot of work! I do feel for you, but won't it be grand when all is finished!

  12. Like you, we found some interesting wall paper behind cupbaords and even under tiles.
    The pastering is the trade i dread, with the mess and dust, but it is the one which gives the most satisfaction.
    I am enjoying the pics!

  13. Lol, I'm not surprised you're sleeping well. All that stripping is hard work!

    It's a great feeling isn't it; and finding your old wallpaper! Every time we renovate a room in this house it reveals another story about a previous occupant.

    CJ xx

  14. Ah that takes me back to my childhood. when my parents would decorate a room we would always come across some old wallpaper.

    Once all the walls were stripped we would then be allowed to all write a message and put the date. :-) x


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