Friday, April 1

Chicken happenings!




DSCN2356  DSCN2346

These photos were taken from the snug window! I could see something was of interest to Olwyn – it would seem that there are now 3 hens laying eggs here. I am having to make sure I remove all eggs on a daily basis as following the observed “activity” of Ernest the banty cockerel it would be quite possible that some of the eggs could be fertilised!

A good distraction from the DIY !


  1. There could be the patter of tiny feet any day.

  2. Jo
    Not if I have anything to do with it! lol! 6 hens and an "active" cockerel is enough to keep me busy I can tell you hun! lol!

  3. Hmmm, they do look a bit furtive!
    Jane x

  4. No chicklets then :(

    btw - I got an email saying you had left a comment but when I hit 'publish' it said it was no longer there?

  5. Once several years ago one of my bantams disappeared and we thought the fox had got her. After a few weeks she returned with three chicks in two (there were another 13 eggs in the nest which David found in the hedge bottom) - it wasn't the most exciting day of my life but it was up there with the top ten!!

  6. Funny how you provide them with nesting boxes and everything & then they go & lay under a hedge!
    I suppose they think that they are safe from you! It is an endless task all that laying & nothing to show for it cos you steal their eggs!!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  7. Perhaps they are playing April Fool jokes on you...or else practicing and preparing for the Easter Egg Hunt. ;)

  8. So, Ernie's been up to no good then? LOL

  9. Oh Maggie I couldn't agree with you more. I am looking after about 60 chickens and when I first started to collect the eggs all was well, now they give me a strong "cackling to" and try and take serious chunks out of my hand. Denise these are great photos, who would have thought that chickens could be entertainment! Have a great weekend.

  10. As much as I enjoy reading about your DIY, I have missed the chickens...
    I see they have been very playful (?) and Ernest seems quite the Lothario.

    cheers, parsnip

  11. angryparsnip
    and there was I planning a whole photo shoot on the chasing of walls with a chisel! lol!

  12. A bantam with ideas above his station ;-)

  13. Fresh eggs are the BEST. But three hens? That's keep my whole family in breakfast.

    What happens if you miss one, and Ernest doesn't??

  14. I made the mistake of leaving eggs in Charlie's nest in the hope that we might get some chicks, have to do it all behind the happy farmer's back as he is not into chicks, well the feathered variety anyway....and then our sheepdog ate them all!! Loved your story about the scout leader on the roundabout, bet that raised some red faces in the morning...all adds to the fun. How fascinating to peel back the layers on your house (previous blog)

  15. Am so jealous: i would love to have chickens!!

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