Sunday, March 18

Meet EV (pronounced Evie)

last Tuesday we collected the latest edition to Team Nesbitt. EV was 8 weeks old, born on January 16th, the same birthday as Nephew2 Godson Andrew. Bing will be 6 in October, Sadie is approaching 8. EV's grandad is Sadie's dad making Sadie her auntie. We are currently integrating EV into the home and are so pleased with her progress. She is now doing what she has to do outside and is on 3 meals a day. Both Bing and Sadie are doing a fantastic job of showing her the ropes and we are looking forward to taking them out together. EV has another injection in 3 weeks time and it will be a couple of weeks after before we can take her out.

She is about the same size as Bing was when we first brought him home.

She has a thing about feet and folows us everywhere. Fortunately her collar has a sound about it when she moves so we make sure we don't stand on her.

Don't know how long her bed will be intact. She has a good old fight with it during her mad half hours.

When I am working in the kitchen she will sleep on my slippers.

Needless to say the pet department at our local country store has made a decent profit since her arrival.

Prepare for more photographs!

Monday, March 5

The Beast of the East

Difficult to imagine that this time last week I was tootling around on a Monday morning only to get up on Wednesday to discover snow had not only fallen but had cut off our village.

This was the normally busy road leaving the village and heading towards Loftus.
The large white mound in the distance was a 10 foot snowdrift.

Heading in the opposite direction towards the Moor Road was just as bad.

This milk tanker was blocking the road - left for 3 days. It was only yesterday, Sunday before it was moved. Endless milk had to be destroyed.

Bing enjoyed the walk but we were careful to clean his paws well on return.