Wednesday, November 30

Oh and by the way!

Don't mention my diet much - but HAD to share my news - lost 4.5 lb (2.04116 kg)  this week! Well pleased!

Ok back to DIY ...........

Tuesday, November 29

T is for Tempting you with a Taste of what is to come!

A few weeks ago our lounge looked like this......


It hadn't worked for a Jon hatched a plan....


and he built this....


Yesterday the plasterer worked his magic and the coving was added to make it appear it had always been there!


today the room continues to dry out....


Next week it will be U for unveil - until then I have to crack on and sort out the room, ready for the decorator and the carpet fitter. Can you guess the colour of the carpet? Remember - these are the curtains..

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Monday, November 28

Monday 9am!

True to his reliable word the plasterer's van was on our drive at 8.40am - by 9am he was working!
The decorator awaits in the wings and the carpet is awaiting collection from the shop.............yes, the lounge is now the next DIY focus!

Watch this space!

Sunday, November 27

This time last Year!

Elsie in the garden!
Definitiely the choice for this years's Christmas Card.
Wonder what is in store weatherwise?
Keep hearing lots of warnings - still just windy today - any thoughts?

Friday, November 25

Homemade Christmas Workshop

These are the cards we made last week - there are about 20 - 25 attending my class - each person made about 6 cards.



This week it was  indoor are a few of them.











A talented group don't you think?

Tuesday, November 22

S is for Shield!


This is our shield, which we present at the Yorkshire Pork Pie, Sausage & Products Annual Competition - we did not receive it, we presented it!

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Monday, November 21

No rest for the wicked!

The last few days have been very hectic! I had a wedding commission, a christmas card commission and a pork pie competition to prepare for!
The wedding commission is quite a new approach as the bride and groom live in Japan and the wedding party is taking place here in February - so the majority of invitations are e-mail format, even so I still wanted to make them special...more later. Christmas card commission is awaiting approval from the client so again will share this later.

Friday was spent getting ready for the Great Yorkshire Pork Pie Competition an annual event for our business. In the past I have gone for the day but this year we decided it was worth going on Saturday and attending the Yorkshire Federation Master Butcher's Annual Dinnerdance in the hotel and setting up first thing Sunday morning rather than clash there and back in one day...a good choice as you will later!

Ofcourse I wouldn't have done this alone - my friend Jill came with me, I was so appreciative of her help and support. Each year the organisers secure a good rate for Bed and Breakfast in the Cedar Court Hotel and I must say the room was wonderful. We set off lunchtime on Saturday and after a short coffee stop we checked in around 4pm. After a rest and a shower we had a drinks reception followed by the Dinner. It was a great night. The organiser is Robin Moule and he ensured we were on his table - definitely the best table in the hall - certainly not the quitest!!! lol!

After a lovely breakfast we made our way to the exhibition hall where the prestigious prizes awaited!

Amongst the host of trophies and shields was ours!!!!

The judging took place over a period of a few hours, during which time we caught up with customers and made new contacts.

The recipricant of our award! (Robin is taking the photograph) I will be receiving a copy shortly.
As the award ceremony came to a close it was noticeably foggy outside. Fortunately Jill had packed the van so we could make a speedy getaway. The fog persisted for the entire journey home but again, it was great to have company during such an ordeal.

Once home, after unpacking it was time for a welcome bath. Jon said "When you come out of the bath I'll show you your suprise!!!!" - needless to say whilst I was in the bath I was racking my brains thinking about what it could be! I came up with 2 possibilities - either the doors had arrived for the final kitchen cupboards or he had concreted the area near the patio doors in the lounge following the discovery of a damp area under the laminate floor.

It was the concrete!

This morning we received news that the kitchen doors have arrived!
Way hay!
Watch this space!

Thursday, November 17

Walkies Today, (Thursday)

There isn't a Christmas Craft meeting tomorrow night as it is the Village Whist night on Friday and the hall needs to be set up. However as it was a lovely afternoon I took Freida up Handale and took note of some potential hedge contributions for the wreaths we are making shortly.

Click on the 8th photograph to see the roof of our house.

Tuesday, November 15

R is for.....Rayburn!

Well the Rayburn is certainly in full operation and I can not begin to describe the difference between this year and the last few years - regarding the heating of this house. The same time last year we always seemed to be cold yet now the house is most definitely warm as toast.
Yes - it is different from the Aga - the top oven may be as hot but the bottom oven really is ok for warming through - not quite the capacity to slow cook like the Aga. The hotplates too - not as hot as the Aga but we are getting use to it all. The HUGE difference is this little beauty has a boiler which generates the central heating - yes the house is warm! Loving it! What makes me smile too are the comments we have received about the lovely colour - yes whilst my girly friends and neighbours comment the remarkable ones have come from the chimney sweep, the roofer and the windowcleaner! lol! Strange yet so so true!

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