Sunday, March 27


Yesterday I stripped! I have 3 more walls to complete but I must say the lower paper comes off a dream. I will do the other three walls on Tuesday, as I have some admin work to do for Jon on Monday. My target then this week is to have all walls stripped - then we will pull out the cupboards so I can get to the paper behind. The fireplace will come out and the room will be ready for the next stage - lighting wires. There is some woodwork to do round the doorway, and the door needs re-hanging, once this is sorted the room will be ready for plastering. I will be contacting a plasterer this week. We are fortunate in having a few pals who are good plasterers! I am looking forward in seeing the room plastered because then we will have arrived at my favourite part of the project - chosing colours. However I am not rushing anything - Jon said we should enjoy what we do and we are so far. Must say the main colour wont be much different from what it was - I have always loved daffodil white but the chimney breast will be a shade different!

We will be removing the curtain pole as I am having a roman blind made with the curtain fabric above. I think this room has been really thought about as we sit in it every night and plan together.

Watch this space!


  1. very provocative title, as you planned!

  2. I think it's important to enjoy what you're doing otherwise it just becomes a chore and it won't be anything like you want. It does sound like you're enjoying the process though.

  3. Make haste slowly - you're doing so well!

  4. I love plastered walltoo, can not wait to see the finnished rooms in person

  5. I can't see the top two photos for some reason.

  6. Having done 3 houses I would say that is the secret, lots of thought and planning. Mistakes are expensive and maddening to live with.
    I just finished the mist coat and the picture rail in the dining room, looking forward to seeing yours!

  7. Sounds like all is going well... and I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying your adventure.

    I lived through too many re-models with babies and young children and I must say yours sound much more enjoyable than all of mine.
    My x is an architect and we always re-modeled every home we lived in. We never got to enjoy the finish home because we moved again to the next house.
    Your way is so much better !

    cheers, parsnip

  8. Getting down to the bare... walls, must feel a treat. Lots of work but then you have a blank canvas to work with. The Roman blind will look lovely ~ Do you play 'stripper' music while you 'work' ;)

  9. We don't plaster walls here, as they're done with plaster board instead - faster, but not as soundproof or weatherproof, I imagine.


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