Monday, December 26

Boxing Day

Warning - I received a new camera for Christmas - photograph overload coming this way!

A brisk start to our day!

Saturday, December 17

Saturday...a week to go.

The past few days have been quiet - a good rest has been on the cards for a while - and I have made the most of it.

Like other hen owners our four are in restricted conditions. We have rigged up a run from the hen house and will attach some netting tomorrow.

I lift up their hatch which leads into the temporary run and hang the day's treat for them - whilst they are busy eating the treats, in this case noodles, I shut the hatch and use the main henhouse door to go in, clean the henhouse, put fresh wood shavings in, wash their feeding bowls and fill the water bowl. Once all this is done I lock the main door shut and lift up the hatch. The hens then make their way into the henhouse, when they are all in I close the hatch.
They are currently eating corn mix, mealworms and sunflower seeds - all high protein to help them keep warm.

Our visiting birds are making the most of the treats we leave out for them - woodpecker back again.

Tide times allowing we get out most days with Bing and Sadie - whilst the sky looks blue it is very cold.

Bought the Christmas Radio Times so the holiday season approaches. A quiet time for us, just what we need after a hectic few weeks. Must get the tree up tomorrow and sort out the Christmas cards......

Watch this space!

Wednesday, December 14

Where was I?

Oh yes........
November 26th we held our Christmas Coffee Morning - Santa was calling!

Santa came and brought presents!

Our local Co-op donated some items which I made up into a hamper which we raffled.

Thursday December 8th - Village Christmas Dinner which myself and Karen organised and cooked for.

Last weekend I was involved with the very first local Beer Festival.

Our youngest nephew, Richard came along to help.

We had a great weekend.

Last night, Tuesday 13th the village crowd went out for a Christmas meal - spot the difference in my hair!

Nearly there!