Saturday, August 31

The Beach yesterday.

Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.

~ Camille Pissarro

Wednesday, August 28

G is for Goulash.

For some time now I have been collecting and experimenting with recipes which have been influential in my weight loss. I have bits of paper, references, magazines and articles in most drawers, so I have decided to keep them all in one place here.

Appropriate for G!

Hope you enjoy your visit - the first day so to speak.

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Friday, August 23

Bing and Friends.

No doubt about it, Bing LOVES the outdoors. Weather has allowed us to go to the beach every morning.
He has friends there too, in particular these two - a Labrador and a whippet.

He isn't swimming just yet, but very nearly.

Always has a restful afternoon following his morning adventures.

Thursday, August 22

Hat Trick!

Last night I was shortlisted alongside some amazing women for the annual Slimming World Inspirational Woman of the Year.
I won!
Last November I was voted Miss Slinky, again alongside some incredible women. I achieved my target weight 15 weeks ago and now this.

Tuesday, August 20

Food and Fun!

Yellow tomatoes are my ABSOLUTE favourite type of tomatoes...a particular favoured breakfast is microwaved or grilled yellow tomatoes with laughing cow cheese on toast.

One of my all time teas is a simple egg and chips. A neighbour gave me some lovely fresh potatoes so I chipped them and cooked in the oven, a Slimming World method. Eggs - lightly stirred and microwaved for 75 seconds. Put  both ingredients together result...FABULOUS!

Same egg recipe but on toast!

At the weekend when I was walking Bing on the beach one of the fishermen gave me a lobster...cooked I hasten to add. I had never used a lobster before so after some googling I came across this recipe... We had it as a starter but I modified the recipe quite a lot. I felt the paprika was too overpowering - I added cumin and lots of black pepper.

Main course was Fillet Steak, our favourite.

On Saturday and Sunday we were out tootling on the motorbike - the CB1300. We went to friends  on Saturday, getting slightly wet in the process and Sunday we tootled over the moors to Fridaythorpe just outside Norton near Malton, returning home via Stamford Bridge and Caste Howard, stopping for an ice-cream nearer home.


 Good Fun and Good Food I would say!

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Sunday, August 18


We arrived home to discover Bing had discovered and devoured the entire contents of the "Good Dog" cupboard!!!!!

Saturday, August 17

Tuesday, August 13


I have been busy sorting and decluttering - I made the mistake of taking out a box of old photographs.......our big day, 25 years ago!

Last weekend we had an expeditions - to Sunderland. It always amazes me how the people from Sunderland do NOT understand us when we speak and vice-versa. I was asked which part of Wales I was from not so long ago!

Saturday our Evening Meal was Swordfish loin - first time I have cooked this but must say it was delicious.

A change from the Moto Guzzi on Sunday - back to the Honda
to the Ridewell event at local Preston Park.

Jon fancies one of these next - a BMW!

Back home Bing continues to grow!

and the hens enjoying a dustbath.

Bev (the black one) is now over a broody period and is now giving us the blue eggs we love.

Mabel has taken to laying her eggs in the wood shavings container inside the henhouse.

My neighbour has a new puppy - Reg (far right - photo position not his political leaning! lol)

As Emma works part time I am the official puppy minder and see the dogs have exercise and Reg eats his meals.


Wednesday, August 7

D is for Duck.

Way back in 2000 or possibly 2001 I spotted a duck backpack at the Scottish Bike Show. At the time the world and his wife seemed to have a Shaun the Sheep backpack and me being me wanted something different.
To this day I have not seen another when we are out and about on the motorbike.
The duck has been to France at least 3 times, done Assen in the Netherlands a couple of times, been to Ireland and the Isle of Man 6 times.
He has met many famous racers and indeed is well known in public circles.

This week Jon and I did something quite DIFFERENT - we joined a motorbike club, the Moto Guzzi GB Club. Last night, Tuesday was the East Riding meet up in Wetwang, about an hour and a half away on the Moto Guzzi.

We had a great time, meeting new people and talking about the Moto Guzzi motorbikes, oh and Wetwang has a FABULOUS Fish and chip shop!
How did they spot us? Correct they were looking for a duck!

We are really enjoying the Moto Guzzi

Many more Destinations are on the way!
Watch this space!

This is D in my ABC Adventures on the Moto Guzzi.