Thursday, August 11

Eastbourne June 30th

Slimming World

Normally I have a panic regarding my weight around February/March when the motorbike tootles start, it's all about getting into my bike gear. This time however I decided to be more pro-active and started at Slimmingworld back in October/November and have lost 1.5 stone so far, 6 lbs away from my target. It never ceases to amaze me how creative and inventive some of the recipes are so when waffle making was mentioned a few weeks ago and I saw some of the amazing recipes from members I had to get one.
Pastry is a no no, so when I heard about the SW twist ie pease pudding mixed with a beaten egg I experimented. I used a 425g tin together with 3 beaten eggs to make waffles. I then added some M&S Chunky Steak and believe me it made a great steak bake - so healthy too. Egg waffles are really easy too - 2 eggs with a generous teaspoon of cottage cheese.

2.2 miles every day!

Monday, August 1

Where did July go? Or June come to mention it - and May?