Wednesday, November 18

S is for seasonal.

I go to a pottery class every Tuesday - a few weeks ago I started preparing my Christmas project - tree decorations. I am selling these at our Christmas Coffee Morningon 28th November. As I was making them yesterday my friends in the pottery group were buying them. I have another batch which I have glazed waiting to be fired, ready for next Tuesday's class when I will add decorations and embellishments. Planning in advance is the key - so in January I will be planning for February - a Valentine theme I think.

Like any crafter I have a stash of bits and bobs. I have piles of blank labels so I am making gift tags, again to be sold next Saturday.

Busy all the way - I have a supply of card & paper arriving today for a wedding commission I want to deliver before the end of November, so a quiet day should see me get this underway, then it will be a case of clearing the decks and having a day with the picallili, pickled onions and pickled egg preparation for 28th.

We are kicking off the weekend with a wreath making session on 27th in our village hall. I think about 20 are coming - lunch (my home made soup) afresh bun from our local baker and all materials provided £10 per person - a good price I think. This is the wreath we will be making....

So......back to the grindstone next time it ill be T for this space.

S - my ABC Wednesday contribution - floow the link in the right column to see more fun posts.

Sunday, November 8

R is for Rudolph!

Hello, Rudolph here,
Santa and the elves are very busy in the workshop getting ready for Christmas. He has heard there are some really good boys and girls in and around Liverton Village so he has decided to come and visit. He has a new reindeer who could do with some
practice night riding so this would be helpful.
If you or any of your friends would like to meet Father Christmas he will be at Liverton Village Hall on Saturday 28th November, at about 12 noon.
If you or any of your friends would like to write to Father
Christmas I know he has some elves in your village—drop your letter off at Waterside House, Scotsfield or The Police House—they will get to Santa in time for his visit.
See you soon—don’t forget to leave me some nibbles
on Christmas Eve.

Tuesday, November 3

Q is for Quiet......but not for long.

Last Friday, 30th October I organised a breadmaking workshop at our village hall. It proved very popular with 22 joining up. It was led by a local baker, Ed of Backyard Bakery. He discussed his philosophy with us and we had a great morning. We all came away with some bread which we baked at home as we only have one oven in the hall.

I made soup for lunch and it was great to see everybody getting along and having fun. There was a range of people attending - neighbours, people who had heard via facebook and a few of my friends from pottery class.

Saturday was our Pumpkin Fest. Children carved their pumpkins, we served refreshments/lunch, guess the name of the wizard, guess the weight of the pumpkin,  traditional skittles and a raffle.

The proceeds from both events gave us a total of £420 for our fundraising.

We are currently working alongside the Town Council to secure funding for Christmas Tree lights. Usually the village pub has a tree but past years have seen this not take place. At a local council meeting we were invited to discuss the lights in the borough. Our village have none so as they have been given some funding they encouraged us to submit a bid - which we have done. We feel the tree should be outside the village hall as this is the focus of the village. Watch this space as we await results. The decorations and tree need to be in situ by November 20th so when I say quiet, I may be this week (and I have a cold) but life will once again get bust very soon.

ABC Wednesday Q for Quiet.