Saturday, February 27

 Today we held our first coffee morning of 2016, raising £313.30.
A great day for all!
Feet up time now.

Saturday, February 20

Village matters.

Our village hall management committee held the AGM at the end of January. A couple of people stepped down and the remaining members were re-elected, Jon and myself included. Jon is chairperson again, I am a member of the fund-raising committee. 
Every Wednesday I meet up with my friend/neighbour Karen and we thrash through a few ideas and more importantly we set the plans into action. 
I prepared a newsletter which will be delivered into every neighbour this weekend.
By the way - any Archer's fans out there (yes I am one) will have heard the "Clean for the Queen" campaign mentioned last night - we are all ready on the case! 

 Liverton Village News
 February – March 2016

We are thrilled to share some of the exciting plans we have in store
for 2016, a very exciting year as we celebrate 80 years of our village hall.
Lots to  come.

Coffee Morning

The monthly coffee mornings commence
on Saturday February 27th at the usual times, 10am—2pm.
Once again we will be serving food throughout the period,
lunches, home baking and the inevitable corned beef pies.
We are offering a healthy option to ease away any excess pounds gained over the holidays.
We are serving hot chocolate too, hope to see you there.

Any unwanted Christmas presents are always welcome
 for future raffles and tombola.
Any baking will be most welcome, ingredients for baking too.

If you have a free hour and fancy helping out just shout up.

Photograph Competition

We are having a photograph competition—details to follow but in the meantime as you are taking photographs around the village bear this in mind.

Guided Walk

Come on a guided walk on Friday 4th March to appreciate some of the beautiful area around the village.
We meet at Liverton Village Hall at 10.00am for a hot drink then walk along Rosecroft Lane
before returning via Rosecroft Wood.
The walk will be led by John Roberts, famous for his local knowledge and familiarity with walks in the area
There’ll be vegetable soup and a bread roll at the village hall on return.
Cost is £5 with proceeds going to village hall funds.
This is a gentle walk with moderate ascents and descents; please wear suitable clothing and footwear.
Dogs under proper control are welcome on the walk but would need to be tethered outside  the Village Hall.
If you are unable to take part in the walk you are still welcome to come for the lunch in the village hall—we will be having a raffle and there will be a home baking table.
Booking is advisable for walk, lunch or both
01287 644932

Friday 18th March
Chocolate Making Workshop

The workshops we organised last year were very popular—our first workshop this year will be a chocolate making session on March 18th where people will make their own easter egg.

Either you – or someone you know – loves chocolate, that’s no surprise, but what is surprising is that chocolate can actually be a health food.
Our workshop on March 19th will be an opportunity
for you to make your very own healthy easter egg.
The type of chocolate we will be making is the really rich,
high quality, low sugar chocolate that contains 85% or more cocoa.
Raw chocolate is made from cocoa beans which haven’t been roasted.
Roasting changes the structure of cocoa beans and lowers the overall nutritional value.
We’ll be using a recipe which includes raw cocoa rather than roasted. 
You’ll notice a huge difference between the two.

All ingredients are supplied.
Cost £10.
We will be having a raffle (Easter Egg of course)
And refreshments will be available.

10am—12 noon.

Call 01287 644932/641209/
to book a place.

Saturday 19th March
Easter Fun Day

We will be holding our Easter fun day on Saturday March 19th.
There will be something for all the family, games competitions, 
tombola and the usual refreshments.
More details to follow.

Friday, February 19

Death in the village.

Last weekend one of our neighbours died. Ken wasn't that old - 64 I heard. Cancer. He and his wife Sue bought a plot of land here about 25 years ago and built their own luxury bungalow.
Ken's fight with cancer started not long after he moved here and remained with him on and off over the years.

His funeral, at our church, St. Michaels' takes place on Thursday afternoon. I am unable to go but Jon will attend to represent our family.

It's at times like this that the village comes together.

Tuesday, February 16

F is for freezing.

It's cold enough for snow tonight!
The weather FORECASTS have been so inaccurate for our region - but I definitely think it may snow.

We are well stocked up - Jon chopped some logs so this lot should keep us going through the night.

I have a joint of pork in the top oven and it smells FANTASTIC!
Onion gravy and a vegetable bake for tonight. A FEAST indeed.

ABC Wednesday!

Sunday, February 14

Valentine's Day.

Had a lovely meal out with friends last night at a local restaurant - I taught the chef lol! Karen is my partner in crime on the village hall fundraising group so when we returned to our house for "the port" we played some games - along the lines of what we do for our fundraising events. All very silly but we had a laugh - well I say we had a laugh they could have just been patronising me - but I think not.
We always have "name the teddy" or something similar - last night we played "guess the name of the chair!" (Jack lol) We also had a small tombola - 3 prizes for Jon, Karen and her husband - another Jonathan, referred to as Jon.

Today my Jon and I had a lovely afternoon on the beach - I am cooking tonight - roast lamb with all vegetables.

Enjoy your day.

Saturday, February 13

Sorting.....and sorting...and sorting.

In or house is a the bedroom is a the cupboard are wires,

lots of wires,
cb radios,
car radios,
train sets,
boxes of wires,
computer bits,
more wires

get the picture?

So as I am fueled up we spent an hour today sorting out and emptying one shelf.

Same tomorrow....

and the day after that.........

and the day after that.........

and the day after that........

.and the day after that.........

and the day after that.........

get the picture?

Watch this space!

Tuesday, February 9

E is for ........enterprising.

The next room on our "to do" list is the third bedroom, the one Jon uses for his office and the one with access to the loft. Jon more or less leaves colours up to me and I know we have a decent quantity of both grey and white emulsion to hand so no prizes for guessing my thoughts.

I don't buy "Housy" magazines anymore - whilst they were often a source of inspiration and encouraged me to tidy up, inevitably I flicked through them once and found many the same. As we have worked our way through the house more often than not we will visit a showhouse for inspiration and to see what the  current trends are. Last weekend we did just that.

In one showhouse I spotted a desk. As I have been sorting out my various crafty stuff and the piles of paper etc for my card making I have used the big cupboard in the porch to store things away, ever realising the potential the room had to be mult-functional. Yes a porch is great but as we have such a lovely open view of the garden I felt it was a shame not to work in the porch, but not to have everything everywhere, so the desk gave me an idea.

To look at it (yes I bought one on-line) it's not imposing but it's the perfect size for my laptop/sewing machine. When I am working (as I was yesterday) the stool next to the desk is ideal for my printer - as the big cupboard is right next to the desk stuff can be put away when I have finished and the tesk doubles up as a console table.

The view from the desk is inspiring too - yesterday Puss was in her favourite spot for an afternoon nap!

I brought down a wicker chair which is comfortable when working at the desk - when not in use with the desk I just move it against the back wall.

Above the chair I have used picnic baskets for further storage. I am so pleased with these - only costing £5 each from  the charity shops - so much nicer than plastic containers.

Jon is busy at work so I am not sure when we will make a start on his room but in the meantime I am happy to have a place to potter in and keep warm

ABC Wednesday - E for enterprising!

Tuesday, February 2

D is for Dress.

I am a fan of Joe Brown's clothes - I saw this tunic/dress in the latest Spring Collection and fell in love with it straight away. It's actually classed as a tunic - if you look carefully you will see the shorter layers at the front and the long layer at the back. Depending on how much leg I want on DISPLAY I can either wear it just as a dress or with leggings or white trousers. Very rarely do I buy brand new clothes, being the charity shop fan that I am - but something about this made me think of Spring and Summer months - the special days we celebrate - we are going out for a meal on Valentine's Day - then there is our wedding anniversary and our birthdays - so plenty of opportunities to wear this.

Speaking of charity shops - I snapped up an absolute bargain this week :-  see here  I was in Stokesley on Saturday doing my rummaging - how much did I pay? £10! Granted it's not BRAND new but it's hardly been worn - if at all!

D is for Dress ...ABC Wednesday.