Friday, December 30



Focussing on the positive - the kitchen is warm thanks to the Rayburn.
Briefly mentioning the negative - the lounge is still not finished.
Realising the important - We have our health, a warm home, a great family and wonderful friends, many reading this!

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 27

X marks the spot!


Ella certainly loved the hamper Jon’s sister bought him for Christmas!


We have had a great Christmas – great family do and yesterday a great afternoon with friends. Today we decided to go out for a drive so we headed over to Scarborough.
The roads seemed fairly quiet though the view of the North Sea didn’t exactly warm us up!



Knowing it was ABC Wednesday I decided to go in search of an X – and I found one as we drove into Scarborough!


The sales were on so we popped in to a few shops – coming away with 12 cans of cat food, some dog food and a greyhound calendar for my MIL – the calendar that is, not the pet food! lol!
We came home over Blakey Ridge and decided to have lunch at the Lion Inn. The fog was thickening by the minute as you can see from the photo I took of the road home.



Once we reached the road home from the Moor Road the weather cleared and the fog lifted.

The next few days will be quiet, New Year’s Eve will be the next event – we are holding an “At Home” for neighbours and friends – our neighbours are doing the same, so we will be popping in and out of each other’s homes during the course of the night.
We have had a delay with the lounge progress, but we should be back on track over the next couple of days. Working with colours of Brassica (purple) and brilliant white means there can be no grey areas (no pun intended) and the margins have to be spot on. As we were not at home on Christmas Day this was not a problem. Having one of your best friends as a carpet fitter is a joy I can tell you. The minute we are ready spud will be over and carpet fitted. I have waited this long – we can wait a few days more.
Watch this space!
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Sunday, December 25

So much to tell you, but right now - have a good one. From moi, Jon, Elsie, Freida, Ella, Ernest, Olwyn, Mabel, Eva, May, Bev & Margy.


Sunday, December 18

A week to go!

Well we seem to have escaped the snow (will I eat these words?) so far at least but as we approach the next few days leading up to Christmas I feel quite in control of matters. I do not like driving in the bad weather - fortunately Jon has a strange enjoyment of off road driving so if we do get snow he will be chomping at the bit to get out there and have some sort of adventure. Friday seemed to be threatening snow but our visit to friends for dinner on the moors went without event  (well travelwise anyway) and my anxiety over driving was soon put to rest as the roads were only wet.
Saturday brought about a rare but treasured meeting up of life long friends - normally scattered over Europe and America, we were all in one place at one time - so a lunch was called for!

Dorothy and Keith are over from France and Steph is spending time here at home away from a hectic time over the pond. It was a great 2 hours spent in Guisborough - brought to a close as Maria had to attend to a washing machine incident at her holiday cottage! Oh how domestic matters bring us all back to earth!
Dorothy gave me a lift home and I will share with you later the wonderful gift she and keith gave us for our lounge!
Talking of the lounge - a bit more tidying here and there required but looking good. A final push will see leaps of progress - watch this space!

Despite being  a lady (well almost) who lunches - I still have a few jobs to do before next Sunday - it is the village Carol Service on Saturday in our church. The organ is not working so it is down to me and my guitar - so a polishing up on my skills is required - yes a good job I have a few days! We are having Christmas Dinner with family, at my MIL's - the other Mrs Nesbitt as our house was in bomb zone moment - however I will still be making a few dishes to take along to share the tasks. All presents are more or less sorted - just some wrapping to do.


Tuesday, December 13

V is for Vanilla Slice!

I have been thinking about one of these all day! As many of you know, I am allergic to chocolate and do not really enjoy sweet things but when I do decide to have a treat it has to be one of these. The true name is a Vanilla Slice but in my book it has to be made from proper custard, Birds, the type I had as a child. Many vanilla slices are made of confectioner's cream - not a patch on the traditional custard in my opinion!
I have good days and bad days with the Shingles - and the house progress gets me down - I am helpless, so as a treat I made myself a small bowl of custard and ate the lot! Awesome!
Comfort food favourite.....what's yours?

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Monday, December 12

Being married to an engineer!

It is a good job I am married to an engineer! After months of smooth operations the Rayburn just was NOT playing ball. Jon dismantled various bits to uncover this.......

An hour later the same part looked like this......

The main chamber did look like this.....

eventually looking like this....

Ofcourse it goes without saying to say that during the whole operation I was cold, very cold but all seems to be working well now. It had been a build up of creosote from the logs - who would have thought it? Towards the end of last week I was not able to  feel warm and i kept putting it down to Shingles - when all along it was the Rayburn. Jon had to practically dismantle it - fortunately this is the type of thing he strangely enjoys!!!! Not so much the dirt and discomfort - but finding out why something is not working to it's expectations. Now it is all sorted we have a warm house.

I must admit things seemed to crash around me on Saturday and I felt everything was getting on top of me - the house was in a state of mess whilst the decorating is in progress - the washing was building up as the weather was dreadful and the house was cold - but I know we are not having everybody round this Christmas Day - which took pressure off. It is amazing the difference a nice warm house makes! Having had a little panic life can now continue as normal!

Friday, December 9

Too busy for stuff like this!!!!

Some time ago I detected an irriitation in my back. Put it down to the skirt I was wearing - elastic waistband matters.
Fast forward to Wednesday - Slimming World to be precise ( oh another 2.5lb loss and Slimmer of the week award!) sorry I am as I was bending over my fleece crept up to reveal some flesh! (too much information!) my pal Jill commented on a rash on my back. Well as I can't really see my back I wasn't alarmed - certainly couldn't feel any discomfort! A couple of other people commented too. A worried text later urged me to go to the doctor........turns out I have Shingles! I explained to the doctor I wasn't stressed, worried or such like and was too busy to take things easy.....but there you go!

Tuesday, December 6

U is for Underlay

Nimbus Cloud 9 underlay to be precise!
It is very fortunate having a close friend who is a carpet fitter! Some years ago our friend Spud (Martin) told us about this gem of an underlay. Without a doubt it is like "Walking on air" (cue song!) and really makes any carpet feel luxurious under the feet.
Our underlay arrived today - now awaiting the carpet.
Today (Tuesday) the lounge will have the final tidy up and de-clutter ready for Wednesday's arrival of the decorator, Steve. He will be here Thursday as well..........
then it will be time to call Spud - he is waiting in the wings, Stanley knife poised ready to come in and work his magic.
By the weekend the carpet will be down, the room completed.
Nobody guessed the colour.........not even close!

Any ideas?
Watch this space!

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Monday, December 5

Meet the Neighbours!

Each month I receive my allocated church magazines which I deliver to the our neighbours. It was lovely to see the wreaths my neighbours had made at my Craft Class last week. I think it was one of the most enjoyable sessions to date.

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Thursday, December 1

Country Living eat your heart out!

Tonight at my workshop we will be making a wreath for our own houses - this is mine. Am quite pleased - everything was from our garden or from round the home. Cost of oasis £3. Now I wonder how much they would cost if featured in Country Living?

Wednesday, November 30

Oh and by the way!

Don't mention my diet much - but HAD to share my news - lost 4.5 lb (2.04116 kg)  this week! Well pleased!

Ok back to DIY ...........

Tuesday, November 29

T is for Tempting you with a Taste of what is to come!

A few weeks ago our lounge looked like this......


It hadn't worked for a Jon hatched a plan....


and he built this....


Yesterday the plasterer worked his magic and the coving was added to make it appear it had always been there!


today the room continues to dry out....


Next week it will be U for unveil - until then I have to crack on and sort out the room, ready for the decorator and the carpet fitter. Can you guess the colour of the carpet? Remember - these are the curtains..

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Monday, November 28

Monday 9am!

True to his reliable word the plasterer's van was on our drive at 8.40am - by 9am he was working!
The decorator awaits in the wings and the carpet is awaiting collection from the shop.............yes, the lounge is now the next DIY focus!

Watch this space!

Sunday, November 27

This time last Year!

Elsie in the garden!
Definitiely the choice for this years's Christmas Card.
Wonder what is in store weatherwise?
Keep hearing lots of warnings - still just windy today - any thoughts?

Friday, November 25

Homemade Christmas Workshop

These are the cards we made last week - there are about 20 - 25 attending my class - each person made about 6 cards.



This week it was  indoor are a few of them.











A talented group don't you think?

Tuesday, November 22

S is for Shield!


This is our shield, which we present at the Yorkshire Pork Pie, Sausage & Products Annual Competition - we did not receive it, we presented it!

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Monday, November 21

No rest for the wicked!

The last few days have been very hectic! I had a wedding commission, a christmas card commission and a pork pie competition to prepare for!
The wedding commission is quite a new approach as the bride and groom live in Japan and the wedding party is taking place here in February - so the majority of invitations are e-mail format, even so I still wanted to make them special...more later. Christmas card commission is awaiting approval from the client so again will share this later.

Friday was spent getting ready for the Great Yorkshire Pork Pie Competition an annual event for our business. In the past I have gone for the day but this year we decided it was worth going on Saturday and attending the Yorkshire Federation Master Butcher's Annual Dinnerdance in the hotel and setting up first thing Sunday morning rather than clash there and back in one day...a good choice as you will later!

Ofcourse I wouldn't have done this alone - my friend Jill came with me, I was so appreciative of her help and support. Each year the organisers secure a good rate for Bed and Breakfast in the Cedar Court Hotel and I must say the room was wonderful. We set off lunchtime on Saturday and after a short coffee stop we checked in around 4pm. After a rest and a shower we had a drinks reception followed by the Dinner. It was a great night. The organiser is Robin Moule and he ensured we were on his table - definitely the best table in the hall - certainly not the quitest!!! lol!

After a lovely breakfast we made our way to the exhibition hall where the prestigious prizes awaited!

Amongst the host of trophies and shields was ours!!!!

The judging took place over a period of a few hours, during which time we caught up with customers and made new contacts.

The recipricant of our award! (Robin is taking the photograph) I will be receiving a copy shortly.
As the award ceremony came to a close it was noticeably foggy outside. Fortunately Jill had packed the van so we could make a speedy getaway. The fog persisted for the entire journey home but again, it was great to have company during such an ordeal.

Once home, after unpacking it was time for a welcome bath. Jon said "When you come out of the bath I'll show you your suprise!!!!" - needless to say whilst I was in the bath I was racking my brains thinking about what it could be! I came up with 2 possibilities - either the doors had arrived for the final kitchen cupboards or he had concreted the area near the patio doors in the lounge following the discovery of a damp area under the laminate floor.

It was the concrete!

This morning we received news that the kitchen doors have arrived!
Way hay!
Watch this space!