Monday, March 21

Chitting, Chatting and a Compromise.

We had a great day yesterday when the family came to celebrate MIL's birthday - today we were back to grafting. As the weather was quite beautiful we worked outside. Jon is clearing and thinning the hedge of bushes and trees which runs between our paddock and back garden - the space he created certainly brought the paddock into the whole picture of things. He will sow some grass seed later.

My potatoes have been chitting along nicely so I planted some of them in the small raised bed behind my greenhouse. I was going to fill all 4 sections but some friends popped in for a coffee so I only did 2 of the sections - I will finish the job tomorrow.

Although I worked outside for a while I wanted to keep on track with my DIY target so I removed some more rails from wall 2 in the snug. Only 2 more to do by the end of the week.

I came across this paperweight I forgot I had - will go lovely on the windowsill!

Yes a good day - now a nice bath and a quiet night in!
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  1. Not the usual Monday night rave for you then?
    It was such a lovely day today, I went AWOL from the painting and spent the day digging up ivy int he front garden, Luckily my son is here and he weilded the pick axe. I swear i will be getting flash-backs of montrous roots for the rest of my life!
    Looks like you are making good progress, all in the right direction.

  2. Kath - indeed. A bath very shortly and a big relaxing session on the sofa! Think I can just about manage that! lol!

  3. You're just going to have a nice relaxing bath and I'm just getting going with the day! What a difference 8 hours make! :D

  4. The one time I miss having a bath in our new bathroom is when I have been gardening and a long soak would be nice.

  5. Your certainly cracking on a pace with the house - good for you getting out in the garden though - a little bit of sunshine goes a long way x

  6. Awww be awl luvly an pink!

  7. I spent the weekend in the garden as well. Up to my shins in mushroom compost!! Fun, fun, fun!!

  8. I think your wise to mix things up so you don't burn out to fast...
    Working outside for for a day really lifts the spirits !

    cheers, parsnip

  9. Alright, who's head is at the bottom of the picture in the hallway?

  10. Glad you managed to get out in the lovely sunshine yesterday. It's another glorious day here again today.

  11. I wish I had your energy. Can't remember when I lost it... grins

  12. Hi Denise, just posted a reply to your spud comment :o)
    cheerio, N x


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