Sunday, January 30

Christmas is a faint memory but one of my favourite presents was from my friend Michelle. It consists of quotations for empowering womwn! I was so humbled to think she thought of me in such a light. My blogging days ran for many years - an adventure which saw me pass the paths of many other people who also documented every day life. I think it's time to go back to this daily/weekly routine. It's a great way to reflect on what goes on in the amazing world of Mrs Nesbitt!

Thursday, November 5

Lockdown 2


Here we are, about to go into Lockdown.

How was it for you?

We lost a very dear friend to Covid, last Saturday to be exact. She had isolated herself right from the start but was admitted to hospital at the beginning of October. She documented her stay in hospital on a regular basis, being assisted by her devoted husband John. I am still coming to terms with it all, Julie was an amazing loved lady. 

Tuesday, March 17

What a state of affairs!

The virus issue is affecting us all. I haven't written here for some time but when the opportunity arose thanks to Twitter and  #WriteSomethingEveryDay I decided to write about our chicken adventure so this will explain the previous post.
It would seem I have returned.
Happy Days!