Saturday, March 4

Kitchen stuff

I have been deliberating over  the kitchen for a few years now ie how to finish it off! Ceramic tiles were the thought for the past few months but have now decided to go for tongue and groove for behind the units/drawers up to the Rayburn where we will have a metal sign due to the heat generated from the Rayburn. I also fancy being a bit more adventurous with colours - dark seems to be the fad and with the white units this should work?

The shelf was replaced with wall cupboards as was theshutter cupboard.

Off to look at more colour charts! 

Watch this space!

Monday, February 6

Monday 6th February.

Getting back into blogging is something I haven't found easy so the way I am going to approach it is through a journal type  approach and set out tasks for the week.

We are busy at the workshop so tomorrow I will be packing an order to be posted to Scotland. The company are established customers of ours and we have visited their premises a couple of times when we toured Scotland on our motorbike. It's all very technical stuff and obviously conversations are on another wavelength. One of the main scientists sounds like Adam Clayton - the bass player in the group U2! Now I suppose I am a bit of a fan when it comes to U2 so when Les the scientist starts talking with Jon I close my eyes and imagine it's Adam Clayton as it's the nearest I will ever get to be near him or be in the same room, be it a laboratory!  Over the years we have built up a rapport with our customers and I always pack in some sweets with the order and a scientific quotation! We always get a comment! Jon is visiting a new customer on Thursday which is a great start to February.

At home I have the task of finding some wall tiles for the kitchen -  will take before and after photos but don't hold your breath it may be a while. 

The tiles will go from above the sink

Across the back of the Rayborn to the wall cupboard. The colour of the Rayburn is a possibility for the tiles but the grout will be a very dark grey due to the dust from the Rayburn.

I did feel inspired by the egg cups - will trawl a few tile shops over the next few days!

Tomorrow is Slimming World - hopefully it will be my 14th week in target - ironically a group of us are going out for pizza afterwards to celebrate the various successes we have between us.

Zumba today, tomorrow and on Friday.

Meals this week - I prepared a cottage pie and a bolognese sauce yesterday so this will see us through the week.

Meeting on Wednesday - village hall stuff! Least said the best but let's get it sorted!

Jobs at home - cupboard sorting! Before and after photos to help me with the mammoth task!

Friday, February 3

Friday 3rd February

 Week 6 of 2023!

On the work front :-

Good to note we have a new customer - some injection mould tooling as well as lab specimens. This is what a specimen looks like - On the left is a "tensile" which is used in testing proceedures. The others have names too, a sharpie a dumbell and a creep bar! Glad you asked! 

On the home front I have started the kitchen sort out, aiming to do one cupboard/drawer each day! The tiles are finally happening and I want to make sure there is nothing on the worktops except the toaster and the kettle. Tiler is coming sometime in February so I have something to work towards.

Writing isn't coming particularly easy at the moment - need to focus and clear my mind! Lots of inspiring blogs out there however!