Thursday, April 26


We have a photo shoot tonight of one of my wedding stationery workshops....vintage theme. These are the cupcakes we will feature. Aren't they fantastic!
Lots to do today...will share photos later.

Tuesday, April 24

O is for Olwyn!

Olwyn left, Margie right.


Eva left, Olwyn right.



Olwyn left....Eva has to be in!

I can tell this brown hen is Olwyn - Mabel and Ernest are always together.
They were enjoying a dustbath in the hedge with May.

Olwyn making her way to the hedge...

Olwyn settling down for some afternoon sunshine!

It's a wonder I get any work done....but I did, thanks to Jill coming over.
Wew have a photo shoot on Thursday featuring a current wedding commission - but the activity outside was too good to miss!

Back to work!

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Sunday, April 22

Tootling About!

We headed to Whitby...





Tuesday, April 17

N is for North Yorkshire 1

I am currently working on a poem...about North Yorkshire. We are so blessed to live here.
I have been looking through the many photographs I have shared on my blog over the are a particular order.

Hens, moors & Saltburn 020

Hens, moors & Saltburn 022
Hens, moors & Saltburn 023

Hens, moors & Saltburn 025
Hens, moors & Saltburn 026

Hens, moors & Saltburn 027
Hens, moors & Saltburn 028









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