Tuesday, March 8

Hens & Home

We have been having some very nice spring-like days, however the nights are definately very very cold. I am pleased to say that the hens have settled in to their new home and apart from the odd squabble over who has the porridge first they are getting along fine. We are getting 6 eggs a day so they are all laying! Way to go girls!
On the Home front progress is being made, be it small steps to begin with. We are waiting for a builder to come and talk about a hole in a wall, doors etc and will speak to the Aga restoration chap next Monday when he returns from his holiday. I will begin packing away books etc during the next couple of days in preparation for the first stage in the operation - all is about to happen. My curtain project is coming along well and I hope to complete the 2 other pairs by the end of the week. One pair - the largest is finished - will post pics later.
Not a long post from me today - I am quite exhausted after the work we have been doing - but the next post will be 200 (on here anyway) so do watch out for my Giveaway.


  1. Happy weekend and have a great time on the Home front!! Hope the Hens are in the Hen house and don't mind all the renovations!!

  2. Wow almost 200 posts, congratulations!
    Good luck with the work there, I would love to see pictures from the renovations!
    Lots of h words here!
    And I'm happy visiting your blog, merci beaucoup!

  3. Nanka
    As long as the hens get fed they will not mind at all!Dx

    Cezar and Leia
    Oh there will be photographs I assure you. Dx

  4. Glad the hens have settled in and are keeping your supplied with those great eggs -- one of my favorite things. Can't wait to see photos of work on your house! Sounds like a big project! Have a great week!


  5. Things certainly are coming on apace in your home. Sounds really exciting! Oh, and well done the hens:-)

  6. Well, I DID guess the topic, just so you know!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. My goodness there's been a lot going on over here! An Aga (jealous!), new windows and doors - not to mention the chucks!

    Good luck with the renovations - I shall pop in from time to time to catch up on your progress.


  8. oh I would love to keep heans, with only two of us we would never get to eat all the eggs though!
    Hope the building work goes ok.

  9. Oooh the preparations for the builders - always have my heart in my mouth at this stage! Congrat on teh 200th post - when it goes up!

  10. If the hens are happy...everybody's happy! Except the hens don't have to worry about builders coming. Good for you, sewing new curtains.
    Hope all goes well.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  11. perfect choice for this week! Can't wait to see your house when it's fully completed.

  12. It's heartwarming to see such happy hens pecking and clucking in harmony Denise :)

  13. I am wondering what you do with all those eggs...if you eat them, are you getting sick of eggs all the time? lol Or maybe you give them away or sell them? Glad things are getting rolling with the kitchen refit!

    ABCW Team

  14. Love your 'Elf and Satey' message!
    Jane x

  15. Happy Home renovation and Happy Hens....what could be better?
    Happy Hemming too on those curtains.

  16. Will the hen house get a DIY project too ?
    What is one more project, right ?

    cheers, parsnip

  17. Love your hens and home, as I just finished reading Alexander McCall Smith's novel La's Orchestra Saves the World.

    Delightful little book...the main character La...takes care of hens during the war years in England.

    I thought of you as I was reading.

  18. Your hens look so happy and contented and the thought of those nice fresh eggs sets me dreaming of a hen house project, never mind rejuvenating the house (ours, that is)

  19. Happy hens - wonderful! Fresh eggs - such a gift! Wish you a quick and perfect remodel.

  20. hens and home,
    homely words.

    bless you.

  21. wow, fresh eggs from the hen...we also have hens haha but i don't have photos of them haha.

    Happy ABC Wed.

  22. I have enjoyed following the aptly named Aga Saga, and so pleased to know that it is staying put, with a bit of 'tarting' in the offing.

    Great that the hens are laying... oh, BTW
    Q. Why couldn't the chicken find Her eggs?
    A. Because she Mislaid them.

  23. Your chickens get porridge for breakfast....they eat better than my kids...

  24. You seem very calm about what sounds like a long, disruptive project!

  25. All systems go then now. Hope everything goes to plan for you.

  26. Thanks for your message on my blog. My main food allergy is eggs. I thought it was chocolate and didn't have any for over a year, how I managed that I'll never know! I had a food allergy test and now know which foods to avoid. As my migraines started when I hit 40, I think mine are mainly hormone based, so I live in hope of 'growing out of them'!

  27. Packing books away, now there's a task that would take me forever! I'd simply have to open, to peek, to read a bit :)
    Pleased to hear the hens are happy in their home - do they get new curtains too?
    I just passed 100 posts. I was thinking of a giveaway then posted without thinking and missed it! Maybe at 150..

  28. these hens look healthy

    Say Hi to my Horse, my entry for H.

  29. 199 post impressive! How wonderful for you to get fresh eggs. They are so beautiful too.

  30. Busy days these are--for you and the hens. I'm enamored with chickens ever since Buddy the rooster was dropped off in our apt. complex last year. [sadly he was hit by a car] I'm feather smitten now!

  31. Of course you had to give the girls the H-day!!!
    Get some rest yourself!
    HelenMac, proud member of the ABC team :)

  32. pretty chicken, we used to have that before :)


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