Sunday, February 5

D is for Duck!

Blogging is a funny old thing - one with which I have a love/hate relationship, but this morning I found myself looking back on the photos and records of our motorbike adventures and realised what a fantastic resource I have compiled over the last 10 years and more here in a virtual little space on the internet.

Blogging has been an adventure - one where I have met new friends and met up with many - travelling to meet them on our motorbike. Back in 2002 we were visiting the Scottish Motorbike show and I bought a duck back pack. I fell in love with him and has since travelled evrywhere with Jon and I when we go out on our motorbike adventures.

One project I am proud to share is ABC Wednesady - a little idea I had many many years ago. Each week as we worked our way through the alphabet we would post a photograph and sometimes a few words. The project took off and spans the globe with  many contributions each week. It is currently in its last chapter under the team I am part of before entering a new level. When I read that Liz  had joined in it made me think again. Liz is a blogging friend of many many years - as are many of my other blogging friends. One day we will meet up with Liz and it will be on our motorbike - and yes the duck will meet up too - with Delilah!

For more ABC follow this link