Sunday, March 20

Snug questions answered!

For Leslie, Dimple and Oakland ......
This was the snug a few days ago. It is the warmest room in the house as it only has one exposed wall. When we moved here 20 years ago it was a dining room. Very plain. The chimney breast you see was designed and built by Jon.

This is how it looks now. My job this week is to remove all wooden rails and shelves. The fireplace will then be removed. The cupboards will remain but will be painted to match the doors. New skirting board will be fitted. Jon's moving onto lighting this week!

The carpet will be replaced with a green one to link to the kitchen floor tiles.

The handle on the original door will be lowered and the surround will be changed to match the new doorway.

Watch this space!
back to the dinner preparations!


  1. A cup of coffee and a cat cuddle? I thought Jon was hard at it!
    Jane x

  2. You seem to be cracking on at a good pace. Well done:-)

  3. If you carry on at this pace your renovations won't take long at all. Hope you're enjoying your day.

  4. I think he has earned that cup of tea!

  5. Thanks! Now I know that the snug room is just that--snuggly and warm!
    It will be good to see the 'after' pictures!

  6. You won't recognise the place!
    I expect you are excited and overwhelmed at the speed!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  7. Can hardly wait, as I'm sure you can't either! :D

  8. The question is, where will all those books go?

  9. Gosh, you are really moving along! Exhausting work but the end result, I'm sure, is your focus. Sounds like you make a great team. Nice to see your Jon having a cuppa and smiling in the midst of chaos!

  10. What's he doing sitting down???? ;)

  11. Get on with it!! All houses need a snug!

    CJ xx

  12. The snug is looking good - as soon as you're both done there do you want to come over to mine - plenty of building work there to keep you occupied!


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