Tuesday, February 26

G is for Good Boy!

Bing is learning all the time.
he watches Elsie and Freida and is keen to do the same.

His favourite cupboard in the kitchen is where the pet food is stored.
He waits patiently when it is teatime.

As promised, here are the photographs taken by nephew 1 of Bing in action at puppy training.
As you can see he sits and awaits commands.

Part of the socialising and training process involves walking amongst humans and other dogs.
When you consider that the other dogs have been attending the classes for quite a while you can see how good Bing is.

Here he sits on command.
Other dogs were doing the same next to us, I was so pleased with the attention he gave to my words.

The travel sickness was not as bad as previous weeks - probably because I didn't feed him prior to the journey. He is rewarded with treats during class - which he brought up on the way home so need to think around this one. Reading around the internet ginger biscuits have worked in some cases so will give this a try.

Watch this space.

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Saturday, February 23

Too big for the bed!


and now!

looking it philisophically........

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Thursday, February 21

Sod's Law!

Remember this
The bloody thing conked out today - 21st February!

We are in talks with Beko!

Watch this space.

No we didn't take out extended waranty, we never do!

Tuesday, February 19

F is for food

Continuing with the A-Z of bringing up a puppy in the Nesbitt household we arrive at F, F is for food, as recommended by our vet. Bing is now fed three times a day, I mix some warm water with the dry mix but the amount is gradually being decreased. Bing enjoys his drinking water and there is always a bowl handy in most rooms.

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One thing I must sort out is his car sickness. On both occasions of me taking him to puppy class he was sick in the car. I have a feeling it may be because he can't see out of the window and is generally disorientated by the motion of the moving car. On Sunday I had to go to Pets at Home to buy more food so I didn't give him any food until we returned. Whilst I heard him retching he wasn't actually sick....well at least not on the way there!

He sort of had a look round the treat section!

He knew which food he wanted however!

Tomorrow is puppy class and our Nephew 1 is coming along, (to help rather than be trained lol) I am hoping if he holds Bing in the car it may help with the sickness - we will just see. I am also hoping Nephew 1 will take some photographs and even videos of Bing in action and hopefully next week I will be able to have a G is for Good Boy post!

Watch this space.

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Monday, February 18

Soup Recipe Wanted

When I was a child my nana, aunties and mum all used the same soup recipe. Over the years I have tried to recreate the recipe but to no avail.
I know the recipe contained split peas vegetables and ham.

Can anybody out there shed some light on this dilema?

Wednesday, February 13

E is for Eleven.....

Subtitle of my latest library book.
So what has this got to do with the ABC of bringing up a puppy in the Nesbitt household?

Look closer........'s dog EARED allright!
Bing apparently likes to get his teeth into a good book.

Here he is just now....another busy puppy class!

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Monday, February 11

Sunday, February 10

The vending machine says NO!

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Yesterday we had a tootle over to B&Q Stockton. As previously mentioned the Nesbitt DIY project is back in fashion and Jon is refitting the fitted wardrobes. Obviously designed for the average 8 foot giant the top part left me straining on my tiptoes to hang anything on the rails or access the upper shelves. Jon has designed a shelving solution which will allow me to use all of the space.......tidy bedroom on the agenda!

Saturday nights are one of our favourite nights of the week and we often have a special meal. Last night I was cooking Steak Diane and whilst I  didn't want to spoil my appetite,  when I spotted some of my favourite sweets in the vending machine I decided they would curb my hunger pang. Jon had wanted a bottle of juice his favourite being Orange Luckozade. Seeing the favoured juice in the vending machine I pressed the appropriate code only to be informed it was sold out. I was looking at a row of the favourite drink but each time I typed in the code the same message came onto the display. I did try to catch the machine out by random code pressing at different speeds but no joy. After a few minutes of frustration I went for a bottle of Oasis. Having sorted (sort of ) Jon's request for his second favourite choice of juice I moved to the next vending machine - sweets and sanacks.

The sweets were 70p. I had used all my change on Jon's juice so asked the checkout assistant if he could change my coins. He pointed out he was not allowed to do this. I did point out it was rather silly to have a vending machine next to the checkouts if no change woukd be given. I rummaged through my pockets and managed to find 50p, 10p and 2 5p coins. Hurray!
I put the coins in only to have the 5p coins rejected - several times despite the information clearly stating 5p coins were acceptable. I returned to helpful salesman of the year and asked him if he woulkd exchange 2 5p coins for a 10p coin, pointing out this was technically different from him giving me change for the vending machine.....I just wanted to minimise the amount of 5p coins in my purse. He did so and yes I did detect a smile brimming up on his little face.

Returning to the vending machine I inserted the coin and pressed the appropriate code - I think it was D3. The machine whirred into action and my sweets moved forward.......and promptly stopped. Yes the machine was jammed. I had paid 70p and no sweeties.

Returning to my new best friend it didn't surprise me when he said that the machines were nothing to do with B&Q but he would give the machine a slap. He did so - nothing. The machine was very heavy but he did do his best to resolve the situation and what a strong chappie he was too. Sadly to no avail. By this time we had struck up quite a rapor and we were both seeing the funny side of my predicament but as I explained to him it would appear that I was not meant to have the sweets and in any case I was on a diet.

Returning to our van Jon drank his juice and we returned home where Jon carried on with the wardrobe project and later we had the Steak Diane and mighty fine it was too.

He is continuing today and it looks as though my wardrobes will be fully fitted out later this afternoon. I can then lift all the clothes back in and being the sad blogger I am I will even take photographs and share here. The question is....should I organise the clothes according to their colour, material or type?

Watch this space.....well the wardrobe space! lol!

Saturday, February 9

To Dye for!

The results from my dying adventure! Well pleased.

Oh and the latest one of Bing - Elsie has showed him what he has to do if he wants feeding! What a star eh?

Friday, February 8

Purple is the new magnolia.

We have lived in our current house for nearly 22 years. I would say for 20 years the main colour throughout was magnolia. Then everything changed when I fell in love with these curtains......

When we embarked on the mammoth updating of the house a couple of years ago I used the curtains as the theme and inspiration for the decoration throughout the house.

The most exciting colour I used was Farrow & Ball's Brassica!


We are now working upstairs. The lounge carpet is Aubergine and when we have redecorated all the bedrooms, installed a new bathroom we will be able to have a new hall stairs and landing carpet fitted - and yes it will be aubergine.
The bathroom suite will be white, all the tiles will be neutral but the towels will be purple - various shades of purple. Whilst our current towels are still soft and useable for many years to come the whiteness had faded. I have dyed them all! A frugal saving yet now I have a lovely collection of purple towels! Not a white towel or a magnolia wall in sight!
Watch this space!

Monday, February 4

Destination.....Duckpond and Demise of the Duck(fortunately a stuffed one and not an occupant of the Duckpond!)

Today was a very special DAY for Bing. His first proper walk up the lane to the Duckpond. 
Freida was an absolute star and showed Bing the ropes.

When we arrived back home Bing was out for the count!

He did however have time for a good session with his new squeeky DUCK.

Which lasted........well not even 10 minutes!

Considering we bought this toy from Pets at Home I was very disappointed with the poor quality as it was specifically designed for a puppy! I will be taking it back - I do have the website for the toys so may strike up a letter.

Bing was absolutely fantastic on the lead. It helps that I walk with my neighbour who took Freida's lead. Once we were up the lane we let thm off their leads but when the horses trotted by we secured them. Would you believe one of the horses was frightened of Bing? We had such a laugh.
Other horses in the fields, who we passby most days galloped over to meet Bing. I am sure you will appreciate the fact that taking the photograph was a tad difficult....but stwatch this space!

I did video the demise of the duck

ABC Wednesday - Adventures of Bing!
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Saturday, February 2


Last Thursday I met up with my friend Maria for a cuppa. These are our favourite treats.

My favourite part is the centre - vanilla custard!

For those of you who are aware of my diet observe the facts....
1. They look like eggs - eggs are healthy!
2. Apricots are part of my daily fruit intake
3. They are gorgeous!

Jon catching up on paperwork - Bing and Elsie at his feet!