Saturday, March 19

A doorway!

We now have a doorway leading from the the kitchen..

or from the kitchen - to the snug!

The builder arrived at 8am this morning and performed his magic!

I had prepared the wall for him. At first glance the wallpaper looked fine - but it was hiding bad old plaster.

We have never re-plastered the snug - but it is on the list of projects.
I can honestly say I am exhausted. I worked late last night preparing the wall but it was well worth the effort - we both love the open aspect of the kitchen and snug. 
Jon is cooking dinner tonight - chicken kiev + sweetcorn! Wonderful! It will give me time to recharge my batteries for tomorrow - a full cooked dinner for 8 of us!
TI need a drink - a large one! lol!


  1. Looks great. Hope you've got your feet up relaxing before you start again tomorrow.

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  3. OMG I know all about wallpaper hiding a multitude of sins. I have never lived in a house where the paper was stripped off and we didnt end up replastering.
    Having the door will make such a difference. You will be able to lay on the settee, watching TV shouting instructions through to Jon, who is slaving over the stove LOL

  4. I like the old wallpaper, but I guess it's important to make sure the plaster is in good shape. Is the "snug" where you watch TV? Houses in Britain are different from here in that you have lots of rooms in the house, whereas our rooms are more of an "open plan." So far so good and hope dinner for MIL goes well.

  5. Lovely views too and from the snug :-)

  6. The door looks wonderful, what a good idea !

    cheers. parsnip

  7. You are definitely making progress.
    I cannot recall how many times my husband has moved doors and windows in our married life time.
    I think it was one of his hobbies!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  8. Moved into this house 7 years ago this week. Lots of DIY needed. Unfortunately, Luvbug spends all his spare time editing Wikipedia. 16 hours in one day is the record. Might be going for a new record this weekend though..... I bought some test pots and started painting patches all over the kitchen. Thought it would be a hint, y'know..... t'aint working.... I'd do it me'self, if he bought and carried the paint home. I can't do that bit. Waaaahhhhhhhhh

    I hate bloody wikipedia.

  9. You are making progress! I never heard of a snug before, is it a room for relaxing?

  10. Me too, I need to know what a snug is.

  11. Poor you ! I just have 2 weeks behind me with 2 painters repainting the whole house inside !
    What a mess, because when all the walls are so freshly painted the rest looks dirty and you can start cleaning !

  12. I want Jon to come live with me...all my husband can manage is cheese on toast...


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