Tuesday, February 28

G is for Goals!

“I can't change the direction of the wind,
 but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”

Jimmy Dean


Sometimes I find myself getting caught up in matters and schemes and before I know it I am feeling pressurised and a feeling of failure creeps in....only slowly and in a small way but either way it gnaws away at me leaving a negative taste in me.
A few months ago I was thinking about New Year's Resolutions - whether it was something I had eaten or a knock on the head I don't know what it was but I felt I wanted to develop my sewing skill (s). I suspect the main reason was it was during the winter months and I had been impressed by the many bloggers who can do wonders with a needle and thread and foolishly I felt inadequate when I considered what I could achieve.
I set myself a task of making something every month. Last month I made a cushion, which believe it or not is still being used.
I was only thinking the other day, that whilst I may not sew I can design and produce cards and stationery. Still a creative outlet for my thinking and ideas and I am ALWAYS making something - there is ALWAYS something in the pipeline. Only yesterday I produced the wedding invitations above for a current commission and after getting fabulous responses from the bride and groom today I will produce another 60! This is normal for me - so I do feel this is adequate and acceptable for a target and certainly an achievement.
So yes - I will adjust my sails and carry on!
Watch this space!

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Sunday, February 26

Eating my own words!

To cut a long story short, I now have a website, thanks to a friend of many years who is a dabhand in such matters.
To have a look see here
and keep the website in your favourites....

Let me know what you think!

Saturday, February 25

Plans for Saturday!

Jon has had a few days off - whilst we have been sorting out the porch (nearly ready) he has been pottering in his shed with the motorbikes. The weather seems to be quite mild today so we are going out for a tootle. Pat has the kettle on so Yorkshire Dales here we come!

Watch this space!

Tuesday, February 21

F is for Freida!

I must admit I am struggling with my sewing ABC theme......yes I have been doing some sewing but other things creep along. I have 2 wedding commissions on right now...see here for what I do and I find I have to keep focussed on what I do - if I start sewing my commissions will suffer. The sewing is just a hobby, but it simply has to go on the back burner as the one thing I know about weddings is they have cut off dates, deadlines and goals which must be met!

 Today I had to do a delivery for Jon's I took the opportunity to take Freida on the beach for some FRESH air to blow away the cobwebs!






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Sunday, February 19

World Wide Web Stuff.

A good sign that I have been busy is the fact that I have not blogged since the wedding report from last weekend. I have been on some lovely walks, been pottering at home and yesterday we even managed a tootle over the moors on the motorbike. Today however, the weather is not so favourable so after getting all my household chores out of the way I decided to update my other blog.

I don't have a website at the moment and really am just considering if it is worth the money. I have had a website in the past, but there was a problem with the timing of the domain name - which for some strange reason ended up as a blog of no real commercial focus. A website is a pressence in the Big wide world web....but a blog has the same function surely? A blog is something I can manage and changes quickly, a website is not so easy - for me anyway. Whilst I am sure I could eventually work my way round a website I question if the time and effort is worth it. With social networking sites out there I feel a mixture of my blog and facebook would be sufficient to let people know what I can do and where I can be contacted. My customers tend to be local in anycase. Many of my previous customers are on Facebook and are my friends - all endorse my work so I think I am doing enough to market my work. At the end of the day it is a profitable, thoroughly enjoyable hobby.

Any thoughts?

Sunday, February 12

A weekend wedding pictures!

Last year, my friend Maria's stepdaughter was married in Japan - this weekend we attended the wedding party a few miles up the road....

Here is the seating plan I designed and made.

My lovely husband

Wonderful scenery

The place cards I made

Liz and Masami

Jon & I

And the buttonholes.......made by moi!

The evening bash!!!!

Yes....a wonderful weekend!

I LOVE this place - Grinkle Park Hotel.....booked for our Silver Wedding bash next year!
Watch this space!

Friday, February 10

A New Era!

Yesterday it was decided that the washer was finally homeward bound to the great washing machine heaven! Whilst Jon can fix and make parts where necessary it was beyond any of his divine intervention. For the past few months I had noticed a slow yet marked decline in the overall performance of the machine - ofcourse I put it down to various factors - washing powder, nature of stains etc but at the end of the day I knew it was the washer. Funny it seems - when Jon is really busy at work I wonder what is going to go wrong - because something always does..........and only a few days ago I thought that the washer had not conked out for a yesterday morning when I got up I noticed not only had the washer stopped the clothes were grubby, the spin programme had not worked and the washing powder was still in the dispenser. Each of these signs indicated a different when Jon came home and assessed the situation it was decided we needed a new washer.
In the 23.5 years we have been married we have had 2 washers - washer/dryers to be precise. Our first one was a wedding present from Jon's parents. Our house then was a small modern detached house and we both worked, hence the decision to go for a washer/dryer. Should we need a dryer we had one. I rarely used it. This lasted us for about 14 years - Jon rebuilding motors, making new parts etc etc. When we replaced it - we went for another Hotpoint. Jon knew his way round Hotpoints, infact at the time he was making the moulds for the Hotpoint washer seal and extrusuin hoses. Again we went for a washer/dryer and yet again I hardly used the dryer.
We went to our local Curry's and assumed we would just buy a similar replacement. A Hotpoint Washer/dryer would be £349 or £399. There were none in stock so we would have to wait a week. No immediate problem - I am blessed with great neighbours and indeed yesterday shortly after a statement on Facebook one neighbour rang and offered me the use of her washer! However we had decided we wanted to bring a washer home with us - handy you see having a white van! Some models were available to take home - so this allowed us time to think. Strangely both Jon and I announced at the same time "Do we need a washer/dryer?" We have an airing cupboard and I am a great one for drying clothes in the kitchen when the Rayburn is still giving out heat - as are the radiators. The house is a warm house and I dry clothes overnight. The Rayburn has 2 radiators it heats up as an overspill when the central heating pump is switched off - our bedroom and the bathroom. This means they are always hot - ideal for drying we decided to go for a washer. When the sales assistant was talking us through the various programmes available I told him I didn't need 14 programmes - 3 or 4 would be sufficient. By this time we weren't bothered about the brand we went for this one, the cheapest in the shop for £169.

Essentials C510WM11 Washing Machine gives you great cleaning performance that's amazing value for money.
With a capacity of up to 5kg per load, the C510WM11 can handle your everyday washing with ease, even featuring a variable temperature and special setting for wool items to keep your clothes in the best possible condition. Rated "A" for energy consumption and wash performance, this machine may not use much electricity but it's certainly able to deliver powerful cleaning results!
The Essentials C510WM11 Washing Machine focuses on delivering exactly what you need—good, reliable washing that leaves your clothes looking good as new. For the price, this is very hard to beat!

Just sounds the job! We brought it home and Jon plumbed it in straight away - my first load was in a few minutes later! So easy to use - a result I would say!

Thursday, February 9

View from our window 2

This was the view from my kitchen window a few minutes ago. The snow which has been forecast since October finally arrived on Saturday night - and was gone by Sunday! This is just frost - but it is still very cold!

When we went out for our walk yesterday up the lane, the horses were keeping warm.

A few days ago we noticed our winter visitors had returned.....

The mistlethrush! They help themselves to the chicken's food and other titbits I put out for them.

So a day for keeping warm - finishing some wedding stuff for Saturday and housework me thinks. On a domestic note - my washing machine has conked out yest again ,what a start to the day - whilst I have a husband who can and will fix it, it is sod's law this happens when.....
1. I have a pile of washing to do. 2.
 There is a load of wet washing inside the washing machine.
3. Hubby is up to his eyes with work!!!!!!

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Tuesday, February 7

D is for.......Designs!

I have 3 wedding commissions on right now. I love it! Of an evening sometimes I find myself not being able to sleep because I am too busy thinking through my ideas and thoughts.Any ideas I have I text myself - then I sleep like a baby knowing I will not forget my ideas..........I decided to experiment with some sewing - afterall this ABC is all about my sewing are a few I was playing with last night!

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Monday, February 6

Today's Inspirational Quote:

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

Maya Angelou

Up the lane, taken at 5.23pm Friday. As we came round the bend the ice in the hedge caught my eye.
The sunset was pretty spectacular too.

Saturday, February 4

Walkies on an early Saturday morning!

A very cold morning - but a good start to the day when Emma, my neighbour called for Freida and I. Ted is getting familiar with his new collar and lead. Freida is a good walking companion for him.

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