Tuesday, June 25

eXcitement in the Nesbitt household.

The bathroom fitters arrived yesterday bang on 8.30am. An excellent start - both Jon and I are punctual (Jon may disagree there) but when it comes to work ethics we are always on time.

The fitters set to and spent the morning ripping out the old suite and wall panelling. The job will take 3 4.30pm we had a glimpse of what our new bathroom will look like......

Then it hit the fan!
We had already had a leak through the kitchen ceiling when the chaps removed the bath and whilst we thought it was all sorted it obviously wasn't. The drops through the ceiling increased and the bucket was placed on the kitchen floor. I phoned the fitter and left a message on the answer phone.

The drops continued!

When we arranged for the fitters to do the job one of the major reasons was that they would do everything. The last thing Jon wanted was to return home after a busy day at the workshop to face issues with the bathroom - and there he was on his hands and knees investigating the problem. After a while he identified the problem - the hot water tank had sprung a leak.  Just at that moment the fitter returned my call a  and spoke to Jon.  He came over straight away and he and Jon worked to secure the problem. It would seem that the tank had eroded over the years. We have been here for 22 years and it was here when we first arrived. When the chaps were working in the airing cupboard yesterday they inadvertently disturbed the pipework and lo and behold the tank sprung the leak.

The tank was drained and the dripping stopped. We all felt it was a blessing in disguise - the leak would have happened sooner or later - so if it was going to happen it was best it happened when we had a house full of bathroom fitters rather than weeks or months down the line in our lovely new bathroom!

I wasn't worried at all as I have full faith in the assurances we have received from the fitters - I have friends out there battling major health issues right now and would give their right arm to have a tank problem as their only worry. The new tank is being ordered as we speak and the chaps have gone to collect it. Yes its going to cost but a tank is a tank, we need a tank and we are getting a tank. A tank is a tank!

We have a toilet but can't use it properly - so we use the neighbours and last night enjoyed a welcome bath there too. We only have tonight (Tuesday) to rough it - so we will pop next door again and look forward to a lovely bath in our new bathroom tomorrow night. Today I will use the neighbour's washer to deal with the huge pile of towels used in the mopping up process. Oh to have good neighbours eh? I text'd Emma this morning and arranged to use her washer after her load had finished - I will peg her washing out when I let her dogs out for a run round the garden in a little while.

Meanwhile Bing had an exciting day on Saturday - strangely enough he digested the bathroom fitters catalogue!

Oh and he nibbled his water bowl!

Yes a fair share of excitement here in the Nesbitt household!

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Wednesday, June 19

Walkies and work work work.

Bing gets plenty of exercise.......

He is definitely an outdoor type of little chap...content to lay in the garden nibbling on his chew or trotting round the lawn.

Life seems to be getting back to normal.....busy however as we are having a new bathroom fitted on Monday and I am stripping wallpaper from bedroom 1....and there is our silver wedding bash to prepare for next week oh and my birthday too.....all in all a normal type of week then here in the Nesbitt household.

Tuesday, June 11

V is for...Vacation.

Bing and Elsie spent a vacation together at Cliff Top Kennels, just outside Scarborough.
We watched as they were taken to their kennel.

They had a great time and Elsie showed Bing the ropes.  Ella also stayed in the cattery here whilst Freida spent the time with her favourite neighbour, Joyce. Whilst we were away we often wondered how Bing would be getting on with his first holiday away but we assured ourselves that Elsie would be talking to him in doggy speak telling him that we would be back and we would be back to normal.

Well we are back and things are back to normal - well as normal as things go in the Nesbitt household!

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