Monday, October 26

P is for Pottering.

Pottering is an understatement - I have been up to my eyes. Last Friday was our village Harvest Festival - ofcourse I baked for England and helped with serving etc at the supper. It was a lovely service - as we are a farming community the fact that everything "was gathered in" made it more of a celebration.

I am now set to baking for this approaching event - I will be trying out a pumpkin pie recipe for a desert. We always have a pie of the month so Pumpkin pie it is. I am also making a batch of soup.

On Friday we have a breadmaking workshop ran by our local baker - lunch is provided in the price - hence the large quantity of soup on the go.

P is also for pickles which I am churning out - pottering????? Hmmmmmm!

Wednesday, October 7

M is for Mo!

Last year when we said goodbye to our beloved Ella who had such a good long life with us, we said we wouldn't go looking for a replacement.
Just before we went away we had a regular visitor - this little tortoise shell cat. I have named it Mo as iMo is a name suitable for both male or female. Mo sleeps in the chimneara and is always so hungry. Am taking Mo to the vet to get her checked over and determine what sex she is.

ABC Wednesday M is for Mo.