Tuesday, November 30

Today - Day 6 of November Snow!

I am sure many of you will have heard about the severe weather conditions which have hit the North East of the UK - the worst hit area in the country - a fact my good neighbour Crystal will fully endorse!

Reading my previous post you will be aware that I have been out taking photographs around our village - showing the picturesque side to being swamped by snow.
Listening to the Radio this morning - broadcast from London there was great excitement as a "flurry" of snow descended outside the studio - so romantic yet a thousand miles away from the reality of a week long snow storm.
The sheep I featured a couple of days ago (Ronnie's) are no longer outside in their respective fields - they are now inside the barns needing feed.
Fortunately I do not need to venture anywhere - I can't anyway as Jon is using the 4x4 to get to work and these are the only vehicles suitable in the current conditions. I have an intent fear of driving in the snow due to a bad experience in a BMW - renown for their inability to move in any snowy condition so I am quite content to stay at home.

I have a cold too, so best to stay snug as a bug in a rug - and the perfect place is in our snug - so - sitting in the snug - this was the view from the window a few minutes ago


Yes, it was snowing again! More road closures! We are just off the A171 Guisborough to Whitby Road which is currently shut due to the weather conditions and the village is so quiet. Last week our village was in the news and indeed on National television when a coach veered off the road on a nasty bend. The problem with driving over the moors is the snow can drift across the road quickly and the road can not be seen - hence the amount of accidents when vehicles go into the ditches.


The mistlethrush was after some breakfast



The barns over the road where the sheep are now being looked after.

Having a cold I must admit I have a craving for oranges and lemonade - it takes me back to mum - this was always what she prepared for me when I had a I am in the best place for sure - watching the world outside from my window! The pictures above would appear Black and White - this is not the case - this is how dull the sky is right now - so her's something to brighten the day...

Weather forecast is pretty much the same - more snow, more winds and colder temperatures!

Friday, November 26

More snow has arrived - more to come too!

Snow continued through the night and the North East has been one of the hardest hit areas - in particular North Yorkshire. The snow was at least 18" deep so I grabbed my camera and went for a walk up to the horses. I was soaked when I returned home.
More snow is forecast!

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Thursday, November 25

Told you so!

The weather forecast was spot on! We awoke to thick snow so as soon as I could I went out for a walk with Frida and captured the morning! I am now in hibernation mode and will not be venturing out - well not driving anyway. Jon loves the adventure feel of driving in the snow and I am quite happy to let him but I detest it and am very nervous. We may go out on the moors later and I will take my camera.

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Tuesday, November 23

Softly Softly!


Snow has been mentioned on the weather forecast – by the weekend it would seem. This is not such good news after days of constant raining. We haven’t been far at all – choosing to enjoy the warmth and comfort of home. The nights are dark so much earlier and the hens are often in for the night by 4pm. We have to ensure we have sufficient oil to keep the central heating going and we are stocked up with coal for the AGA.

I don’t really mind the bad weather – as long as I do not have to venture very far! If it does snow I will be out and about with my camera. We are surrounded by farmers and we see them preparing their land and animals for the cold spell. Animals seem to have their own inbuilt weather forecast system! We know that if Ella comes inside after a quick “necessity” visit round the garden – that the weather is going to be cold and she will be inside until nature calls again!

I love reading and catching up with news whilst keeping warm and I came across one of my favourite poems – guaranteed to warm the cockles of your heart!

Nod, by Walter de la Mare, 1873-1956

Softly along the road of evening,
In a twilight dim with rose,
Wrinkled with age, and drenched with dew,
Old Nod the shepherd goes.
His drowsy flock streams on before him,
Their fleeces charged with gold,
To where the sun's last beam leans low
On Nod the the shepherds fold.
The hedge is quick and green with brier,
From their sand the conies creep;
And all the birds that fly in heaven
Flock singing home to sleep.
His lambs outnumber a noon's roses,
Yet, when night shadows fall,
His blind old sheep-dog, Slumber-soon,
Misses not one of all.
His are the quiet steps of dreamland,
The waters of no more pain,
His ram's bell rings 'neath an arch of stars,
"Rest, Rest, and rest again."

Tuesday, November 16

R is for…..Roaming round our Rural Location.

Over the Road, earlier today.


Following on from the comments last week regarding the various village scenes I photographed earlier this year I thought i would share part of our village for my ABC Wednesday contribution. Many of you picked out Ronnie’s sheep as a favourite, so this morning it seemed appropriate to capture the sheep grazing in the field which we look out upon. The barn to the right of the picture will be the place the ewes will give birth to their lambs in the spring. I say spring, yet each year the lambing season seems to get earlier and I would suspect that come January we will hear the sounds indicating the arrival of the new lambs.



Walking on the path parallel to our house this scene shows the part of the village where we live. Again Ronnie’s sheep can be seen in the distance and the white house with the red tiled roof is our house. The hedges have been recently cut by James, son of David from Redhouse farm.


Further along the same lane the view of our village church is quite clear.



Most days I leave our house (to the left of the wooden fence above) and pass the field next door – home to Dan, one of the racing horses who live in the barn!

Dan was in the distance when I walked down our drive but when he saw me he knew I would have a carrot…….



So he galloped across the field……


and enjoyed his carrots!






Walking down the village we passed my friend Rowena’s house. We often have a cup of coffee together.



Further along is the village pub – we often go to the restaurant – he fillet steak is awesome and they have a buy one meal get one free offer! bargain!


The roaming fields seem to go on forever! A real rural feeling!



Walking back towards our house we passed the red tractor and car – belonging to Mick and Audrey who celebrated thie Ruby wedding anniversary last weekend. Along with other neighbours we attended a surprise party.



The red berries indicate a harsh winter is in store!




I take Freida for a walk every day and always enjoy the tranquility of our rural location. We have lived here for nearly 20 years and feel a definate part of the community. I guess the surroundings have played an important part in our contentment – we are home birds and enjoy our life here in the village. We are not ones for going out – enjoying our home and the company of family and friends.

Sunday, November 14

Who would have thought?



Last night hubby and I were discussing where we would go to support Remembrance Sunday. Initially we were thinking about Guisborough where all of the local churches and organisations take part in a procession leading up to the Cenotaph. The Salvation Army band leads this and it is all very grand.

Loftus is our local market town so we decided to go there instead. A much smaller affair yet just as important and relevant. As we took our place in the crowd we became aware of a light aircraft flying in the sky. We knew the pilot – when Jon pointed out it was a yellow and white Tigermoth it could only be Peter Jackson, a friend and neighbour. We assumed he was out on a Sunday morning fly about – as he often is. However as we watched him fly over the market place he released a plume of red poppies which flew down over the crowd. How unexpected yet so moving!


But the freedom that they fought for, and the country grand they wrought for, Is their monument to-day, and for aye.
Thomas Dunn English

Friday, November 12

Getting into gear!

Although I am quite busy right now, the past week’s events had to be documented somewhere! Fortunately Flash Friday restricts me to 55 words and no more – otherwise, believe me I could have written a novel! I will do my best to stick to 55 but what the hell – we all like a good read once in a while! I haven’t been taking part due to business so it will be an opportunity to touch base! 




The gearbox “went” on the van! So we contact our mechanic friend and he tells us where to find one on the internet! Task assigned to moi! I find one – 03 model for diesel, manual. Arrives, last Thursday Mechanic  chap collects  together with the van and departs for workshop. Phone call Saturday afternoon – wrong gearbox. Phoned Internet chap up – yes wrong gearbox would send courier to collect. Monday. Monday comes – so does courier takes away wrong gearbox but no new gearbox. Internet chap promises “100% Mrs Nesbitt it will be there Tuesday!” Tuesday – no gearbox. Wednesday – no gearbox. Speaks to Internet chap telling him if gearbox has not arrived by 5pm order is cancelled! 5pm – no gearbox 5.30pm we are off to local breakers yard who happen to have 03 gearbox in – great! Dash over to Mechanic chap (oh did I mention he leaves for Thailand on Monday for 6 months?) So we arrive and lo and behold gearbox is wrong! 2003 was the year Citroen decided to change the gearbox of our model! Return home – Thursday hubby dashes to Mechanic chap to collect original gearbox and takes it to Breaker’s Yard and matches up replacement gearbox. He then hurries back to Mechanic chap who is now fitting it as we speak and phoned last night to say it will be ready by lunchtime today!

Total words = 224! Oh well! Hope it brought a smile anyway!

Friday 55 Flash Fiction is brought to you by G-man (Mr Knowitall). The idea is you write a story in exactly 55 words. If you want to take part pop over and let G-man know when you've posted your 55.

Watch this space!

Tuesday, November 9

Quiet? I think not!

Each year I produce a selection of scenes from our village as my Christmas Card selection. This is the collection for Christmas 2010.

The Churchyard

St. Michael's Church

Handale Lane

Moorsholm Lane

The view from our drive

Ronnie's sheep

I am now working on these cards as my customers who have ordered them need to get them in the post in time for Christmas. Quite a few of my neighbours send them abroad, some to people who once lived in the village. 

Life is very busy at the moment, the weather is very cold and I enjoy working in the warmth of my study. I have quite a lot of work to get out pretty sharpish so it would seem I am only managing to visit my blog once a week, here on ABC Wednesday.

I enjoyed the give away I had a couple of week's ago and am going to do another one this week. Leave a comment and I will pick one out to receive a personalised Christmas Card.

Which is your favourite scene?

Oh and why you are reading this....Q is for Quiz! Cat owners will love it! lol!

Is your cat plotting to kill you?