Friday, October 20

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 Over the years I have collected a range of recipes to help me lose weight. 

I attend Slimming World and achieved my target weight in November 2022.

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Thursday, October 19

It started with the mackerel pate!

 I LOVE mackerel pate so when I saw a SW recipe I decided to try it. I was very sceptical as I have never used a crab stick before. The recipe was :-  "One tin of mackerel in sweet chilli sauce or could be tomato sauce, 8 seafood sticks and a good dollup of quark/ fromage frais/cottage cheese. And season to taste. Blitz in a processor or stick blender. Makes a lot! "


I gave it a try- and indeed it made quite a lot. We had it as a starter and I had lots left over.

I chilled the remainder in the fridge and on Sunday made some scotch eggs with the mixture.

I grilled the scotch eggs as the mixture was cooked. Amazing! I took a couple to a fellow SW friend - yes they were a hit!



I had some with a green lentil salad.

I had made a vegetable soup - pease pudding, couple of veg stock cubes so I blitzed one in - amazing chowder.
Further uses - as a filling in a baked potato.
Will add more ideas. 

Kitchen update!

 Really pleased!