Saturday, March 12

More progress!

We have both been working hard - not much to see ie photographs just preparations and clearing clutter.

The planned door leading from the kitchen to the snug will be fit next Saturday. The builder came today and this is what we agreed. He has done work for us before and Jon has done some engineering work for him so we all know each other. This now means I have a week to empty the snug - all the books must be packed away and the cupboards emptied.

This is the type of door we are having - to match the rest in the house. Notice however where the knob is placed - the current ones  have the knobs slightly higher - inline with the door furniture but we are changing the fittings so they all look the same - aesthetically I think they will look much better.

Before Saturday we are looking at the pipework behind the Aga and possibly moving the washing machine. Once the door is fitted we will move our focus into the snug for a week and probably fit the fire. Jon will be doing some electic work too as we are short on sockets and the lighting is poor! I say a week because on Tuesday (15th) we have a chap coming to measure up for the new door and window to replace the patio doors here in the kitchen. He said it normally takes him 2 weeks to make, deliver and then fit, so this should take us to the end of March. Once the door is fitted the fridge and freezer will be moved and the worktop modified. The cupboards will then be modified accordingly and my shelves will be fitted. The Aga can only be restored once the weather is warm enough for us to switch it off as it will need to be dismantled. Jon will do the work on the barrell and any necessary plumming jobs to improve it's performance during the summer - if we get one! lol! Once the Aga is restored it will be ready to try it out! September/October - it depends on the weather.
The building jobs set the plan really and we are enjoying the process. We have to really as such tasks are out of our hands. Using reliable workmen is imperative.

Tomorrow we are having a day off - if we get out on the motorbike it will give me chance to plan how the snug is going to be emptied. I will start on Monday.



  1. Very posh doors. They are lovely. Looking forward to all your photos when the whole thing is finished. Enjoy your day off.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. They are quite cheap Maggie - we will have them all painted the same colour.
    Thanks Dx

  3. I like the doors...I wish I could get my old cheap brown ones replaced with that type. One day...sigh...

  4. Sounds like all is working out so far.
    Wonderful looking doors. So glad everyone is showing up when they are suppose to.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Enjoy your day off today, it sounds like there's lots of work to be done.

  6. You've won my first Lenten Giveaway. Can you email me your details and I'll get it in the post. Blessings!
    ang [at] revbob [dot] org

  7. I remember going through this process myself, so well .. although in our case it was a little too exciting since we never knew what kind of DIY sin we were going to uncover next! The process of hanging new doors and deciding on fittings though, that was good!

    I like your new door!

  8. Lots to do, you deserve a day off. :)

  9. The work will be worth it. Have fun!

  10. Hope you got out on the bike, it sounds like you both deserve a good day off :)


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