Monday, March 7

About turn!

We are keeping our Aga!
Just getting it tarted up a bit! We had a lengthy discussion last night and decided it had become part of the family. We KNOW the current model - we KNOW how much heat it gives out - were we to replace it with one which did not generate as much heat our plan to knock a door into the snug and share the heat would not work. Also - we would be in trouble if we had a powercut - as we do form time to time. Jon is going to strip it down and recondition the barrell - the main fuel source and this will increase it's efficiency. When the Aga salesman came round he said "They don't make them like this anymore!" and the words kept coming back to me. It was a lot of money and whilst we could afford it we both felt this was not how we normally do things. We only replace something if it breaks or is beyond repair - so there you have it!
The kitchen makeover will now commence - watch this space!


  1. Think what you can do with the money you'll save! :0

  2. it's sad, tho, that they don't 'make 'em the way they used to'

  3. Well that's a releif - for the Aga! And yes tthey don't make em like they used with all that money saved you can probably take a much needed break at the end of building works and still have some spare!

  4. I have to say I'm pleased! I secretly couldn't see why you'd want to replace the faithful old one. Now, what are you going to spend your saved money on???

  5. Akelamalu
    Yes Pearl exactly - if we were getting our first Aga things would have been different but we have one which we will just make better! It only cost us £500 20 years ago.

    Exactly! I felt a bit like Beecham when he scrapped the steamtrains - we all love seeing a steam train now.

    Tattie Weasle
    Probably go to France on the motorbike - we'll see how it goes!


  6. An aga-saga for sure! Still, you won't have to look back and wish you had not made a hasty decision. Always wise to spend plenty of time thinking it through. But I'm a Libran and we like to weigh everything up for ages before deciding :-D

  7. What a super idea. Your Aga looks quite wonderful to me. I think you made a good choice.
    Love the "just getting it tarted up a bit" part.

    cheers, parsnip

  8. Personally, I'd LOVE to have an AGA such as that, and as you say, you are used to her, why throw away what can be improved? I think you've made a wise decision!

  9. Kath
    Most definately an Aga Saga eh? lol!

    Yes "tarted up" eh - could do with getting meself done too! lol!

    Exactly xxx

  10. Very wise - you know how brand new things always go wrong! And perhaps a little extra money to play with? Bet you are excited. x

  11. Hooray! I think you're making a very wise choice. :)

  12. This sounds like the best decison for sure. I think its wonderful that your Honey can re-condition the AGA and it will be like new. Can't wait to see your new kitchen make over.
    France on the motorbike sounds delightful.

  13. Victoria
    Indeed - I feel so much at ease about our decision

    Thanks so much we had a little cheer!

    We went in 2009 - we have friends there - they may have sold their house by the time we get there but if not it will be great to catch up.

  14. Think you are probably right Denise - we get power cuts here from time to time. If it is still working then it would be daft to replace it I think - and the farmer agrees. Do look at my blog tomorrow as a new friend is joining our household - a chap right up your street!

  15. A good choice, I reckon! Esp if it means a French bike trip! Well done!

  16. Weaver
    Oh Pat - will be there first comment! lol!

    Yes - will be good after all the work eh!

  17. An engineer on a mission..get supplies in, beer, etc etc...there'll be a lot of 'working it out with a pencil', 'several speadsheets', "now, I could do this.. or...".."let me take a look.."s,and the best,..."yes, I'll have everything cleared up before dinner".
    Good luck...I feel for you girlfriend!!
    Jane x

  18. Thank you for popping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment. I have put you on my blog roll so will pop by often.

  19. That sounds like a perfect plan to me. Why change something that isn't broken ;-)

  20. Hurrah - the aga lives to heat another day! Sounds like a good idea to me! Ps Denise do you want to email me direct as I try to avoid facebook as much as possibe.if you do my address is and we can continue our discussion. Cheers x

  21. Jane
    Hilarious! Yes dear - we both know what it is like to be married to an engineer don't we. Cleared up before dinner? Which dinner lol!

    Nice to meet you too.

    exactly! Why change!

    Done! xx

  22. I think you made the right decision, happy days again for the Aga + it will live to see another 20 years :) Good luck with your kitchen project. Our new room at the back of our kitchen is progressing well too. Amanda x

  23. Amanda
    Yes - I feel so much better for making the decision. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  24. The heart of the home is an Aga, everyone warms their derriere on it, don't they. Ours has been on the go for more than 50 years and still going strong, I think you made the right decision!
    Lv MrsGH.

  25. If they don't make them like they used to you're better off sticking with old faithful... as you now know.

  26. A very wise decision. If it isn't broken don't fix it. It's very true that they don't make things like they used to anymore.

  27. I'm sat here chuckling, sorry, but also thinking how much potential heartache you've saved yourselves - that blokes words would have haunted you. Can we settle down now and watch the fun start? :) Mo

  28. Very sensible. It will save you heaps of money and it looks fine to me.
    Better the devil you know, and all that!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  29. Wise decision! Old is good - in all sorts of things!

  30. I think this is a good decision and you won't regret it x


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