Thursday, July 29

It’s almost Friday! Time for fun!

Friday 55 Flash Fiction is brought to you by G-man (Mr Knowitall). The idea is you write a story in exactly 55 words. If you want to take part pop over and let G-man know when you've posted your 55.

Here is mine for this week!

The door was open and they peered into the darkness, alone.

Transfixed by what lay before them they remained silent and still,

still as statues.

One of them would have to go in first –

to lead the way –

to show no fear.

They did not move.

“You first” said Eva!

and they entered mummy’s shed!


One of my garden projects is to reclaim my garden shed. It has been home to the geese for 19 years and now the geese are gone I have cleared it out, ready for turning it into my own little potting shed. I put some shelving into it, as you can see but it just doesn’t look right – the shelving belongs back in the greenhouse. When we demolished the old garden shed we had a good supply of wood which I am going to recycle into shelving and work benches – should be fun!

I have been working on our grass verge today:-


It is quite an intensive job as it is about 120’ in length!


It is made up of vatious established plants.


I even found some brambles – which I wont be digging out!



This was so lovely – again I could not pull it out!


Any gardening tasks though back breaking are rewarding and I know a hot bath will be just what I need after a busy day!

Saturday, July 24

B is for...

Broody Hens - Bev & Mabel! (Updated)


"A Royal Commission is a broody hen sitting on a china egg."

Michael Foot

A few days ago a couple of our hens started clucking loudly and did not want to venture out into the garden. Later we discovered they were sitting on some eggs inside the henhouse. As we do not have a cockerel the eggs are not fertilized and so will not produce any form of life – try telling that to Mabel and Bev! They decided to make their “nest” at the back of the henhouse and when anybody goes anywhere near them they become agitated and puff themselves up in an effort to appear the tough gals they are to fend off unwelcome interest!

Now as we do not want any chicks (been there, done that) we have to discourage them from sitting. They have become rather touchy and will not let the other hens anywhere near the nesting spot. The hens tend to lay the eggs together so now they have decided they are going to sit the other hens stopped laying!

We moved the remaining hens into the newly furbished goose hut and thankfully their abundant laying has resumed.

One day last week Mabel and Bev left their nesting spot to venture out for some food. I quickly took away the eggs and shut the henhouse door. They seemed to be okay to start with – then I noticed Bev sitting in the middle of the paddock making a loud clucking sound. I could not see Mabel anywhere and then I spotted her – sitting on the roof of the henhouse!




It was obvious she was trying to still connect with the non existent eggs and was prepared to sit there for some time.

Eventually I opened the henhouse door and within seconds she jumped down and made her way inside!

Talking to our neighbours last Friday - who also keep chickens we discovered they have some eggs they want hatching so Saturday afternoon Mabel and Bev left for a short vacation, being transported under the arms of hubby & neighbour. They are now housed in a coop with some fertile eggs for company! Will keep you updated on the progress!

Sunday morning!
The girls have settled down and are so contented on their eggs over at the neighbours!
Mabel -

Bev -

They are together in the coop, sheltered and safe.

Will keep you posted!
Update - Tuesday!

A few minutes ago I popped over to see the gals and take a photo just for ABc Wednesday....notice anything different? Yes they have swapped places! Wonder how and why this occurred?

This is their luxury accomodation. They are currently in the back of the coop where they have fresh water and food each day. Eventually they will wander into the enclosed netted area hopefully with some chicks - time will tell!

Thursday, July 22

Fun for Friday!

Friday 55 Flash Fiction is brought to you by G-man (Mr Knowitall). The idea is you write a story in exactly 55 words. If you want to take part pop over and let G-man know when you've posted your 55.

Here is mine for this week!

How she loved to play on the beach with the dog!


Yelping with sheer pleasure dancing away in the rushing sea.


Little legs lapping over the waves as they crashed down around round the rock pools.


Surrounded by the foam, wriggling with excitement, rolling and tumbling out towards the beach!


The dog liked it too!

Tuesday, July 20

Round 7!

Here we are on the brink of Year 4 as we enter another round of ABC Wednesday. Over the past few weeks I have been thinking about what theme to have for this round and I have decided to base everything around my home and garden. Being a naturally inquisitive (nosy) person I do love looking round people’s homes, (for ideas of course!) so I am kicking off with my ABC Wednesday with A is for my Art!


The picture above is a painting I did of Ella our cat. It hangs on the lounge wall and i would like to think it is a true likeness! Over the next few months I want to do the same pose but pointing towards the left and I will hang them together.


This canvas was made using one of my photographs from the ferry crossing from Ijmuiden to Newcastle back in 2008, the other three are hung above our sideboard, again in the lounge. I am not one for a great deal of ornaments, but the German Shepherd is one of my particular favourites as I feel it captures the pure breed! The wooden bowls were made by a neighbour and the mushrooms are something I collect when we are out on the motorbike – small enough to fit inside the limited storage space!


This is another of my photographs – taken as the sun rose on the same crossing. The slightly out of focus effect is down to the water on the porthole window.


Another canvas is my first attempt with oil paints many years ago. It is of Peggy one of our geese, sadly no longer with us. I could not get the technique right, following directions from a text book, when suddenly she was there, standing at the window staring at me.
I painted her straight away, just as she was.
No sooner had I finished painting she wandered off.


I think the lounge is one of my favourite rooms in our house as it is so light. What is your favourite room in your house?

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Sunday, July 18

Fish and Chips!


On Saturday we went to Newcastle with some friends. Westgate Road is definately a place for bikers as it is filled with shops stocking everything needed for motorbike owners. I have been thinking about learning to ride a motorbike for some time but being short there is always the problem of my feet not reaching the ground, but in one shop I came across one bike which seemed OK and the colour was right too! I don’t think I would get a new one, no an old one would be more suitable…….watch this space.


We had fish and chips for lunch and the portions were absolutely mammoth! We all finished our plates but really I felt so full. Only a matter of minutes later we were back on the motorbike making our way to Darlington! Being on the back of a motorbike, in leathers after fish and chips is not a very comfortable place to be!

As we are so near the seaside we know some good fish and chip shops, especially in Whitby and Scarborough. In my pottering about with various blogs I came across this poem and had to share, it really sums up the whole fish and chip thing!


Up North
where I come from where, when it’s not raining
it’s overcast
and people say
what they mean
and they mean
what they bloody well say
eating out means the Chippy.
Not Fish Bar
or Fish Shop
or Fish ‘n’ Chip Restaurant
We’re talking real Fishing Chips
(are fishing chips, chips that catch their own fish?)
They don’t do
French fries
pommes frites
Nouveau Cuisine
Not our cup of tea
They don’t do
mayonnaise dip
they only do
salt and vinegar
Economy gastronomy
cheap at half the price
cheap as chips
If it’s a big fish you’re after
for the larger appetite
they also do
double portions
twice the chance to catch that fish
twice as many fishing chips
(Should have seen the one that got away!)
Fishing chips catch
Haddock, Cod
(complete with rod
hook, line and sinker?)
Or, if you’re feeling flush
even Plaice
Mushy peas can be added
Bread and butter
and a mineral
Tea is served every night
at six o’clock
(Unlike the Americans
we eat dinner
at dinner time
Fishing chips for Friday tea
wrapped in greaseproof
and newspaper
up North
where I come from
where, when it’s not raining
it’s overcast

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Friday, July 16

Friday 55 Flash Fiction

Lying there, cold and still, he knew for certain she was rigid with fear.

The terror was rising from the depths of her stomach.

Yet she held on.

The whites of her knuckles rippled as she held on tight.

He would tell her what to do! Damn Him!


Damn these 6 monthly dental checks!

Friday 55 Flash Fiction is brought to you by G-man (Mr Knowitall). The idea is you write a story in exactly 55 words. If you want to take part pop over and let G-man know when you've posted your 55.

Tuesday, July 13


Ella having a sleep in the plant pot!

ABC Wednesday was an idea I had back in 2007 and we are just about to enter Round 7! It is a fun project which takes place every week from 5pm on a Tuesday evening, or whenever convenient.Basically we take a letter of the alphabet and post a picture, text, poem - anything which has a link . Many of you have had a go, some in fact have been aboard since the very first round, but do check it out and do feel welcome to hop aboard! Easy to leave your name on the ABC Wednesday blog!

Monday, July 12

From one extreme to another!

My World - a world of bikes, lovely people and nature!

DSCN0718 The Bike, Saturday afternoon at Thornton le Dale

Another full weekend as it was the annual Cock of the North Races at Scarborough. Saturday was a real scorcher, too hot to be on the motorbike but we did manage a blast to Scarborough and then on to Thornton le dale for an icecream.


This picture is not a particularly quality one but it does capture the moment Ryan Farquer took the checked flag when he won the race. We have got to know Ryan over the years and he is always so approachable and friendly. A special friend of ours over in the Isle of Man celebrated his 17th birthday last week so we bought a Cock of the North T-Shirt and Ryan signed it. Notice the way he took so much time and effort to make sure it was a nice neat autograph. One of his team, Ray held it so no creases occurred!


It all seems so far away from today now that the regular routine kicks into action and that means the quiet dog on the settee opposite, snoozing away, will shortly be howling with excitement when I pick up her lead and take her for a walk up the lane where currently the honeysuckle is in full bloom. The early morning perfume they produce is second to none!


This a macro shot for Monday! Over the next few weeks our morning walks will be the topic for my Monday macro shots – all practice with my new camera!

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Friday, July 9

Friday Fun!

Once again I have managed to put 55 words together - yes it is Friday! If you fancy having a shot visit here!

He was not going to help! He would not even meet her pleading, eyes!

She looked at the desperate, hungry faces transfixed on her, but still nothing, no words, no help from the face now towering above them all!

Finally, looking him straight in the eyes she told him straight!

Yes we’ll have fries with the cheeseburger!

Thursday, July 8

Eyes and Skies!


On Tuesday I was quite busy and knew the tide would be in at our near-by beach, so just for a change I took Freida up the lane!


There are always so many simple, lovely things to view!


In the hedge rows



One of these days by James W. Foley

Say! Let's forget it! Let's put it aside!
Life is so large and the world is so wide.
Days are so short and there's so much to do,
What if it was false--there's plenty that's true.
Say! Let's forget it! Let's brush it away
Now and forever, so what do you say?
All of the bitter words said may be praise
One of these days.

Say! Let's forget it! Let's wipe off the slate,
Find something better to cherish than hate.
There's so much good in the world that we've had,
Let's strike a balance and cross off the bad.
Say! Let's forgive it, whatever it be,
Let's not be slaves when we ought to be free.
We shall be walking in sunshiny ways
One of these days.

Say! Let's not mind it! Let's smile it away,
Bring not a withered rose from yesterday;
Flowers are so fresh from the wayside and wood,
Sorrows are blessings but half understood.
Say! Let's not mind it, however it seems,
Hope is so sweet and holds so many dreams;
All of the sere fields with blossoms shall blaze
One of these days.

Say! Let's not take it so sorely to heart!
Hates may be friendships just drifted apart,
Failure be genius not quite understood,
Say! Let's get closer to somebody's side,
See what his dreams are and learn how he tried,
See if our scoldings won't give way to praise
One of these days.

Say! Let's not wither! Let's branch out and rise
Out of the byways and nearer the skies.
Let's spread some shade that's refreshing and deep
Where some tired traveler may lie down and sleep.
Say! Let's not tarry! Let's do it right now;
So much to do if we just find out how!
We may not be here to help folks or praise
One of these days.

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Tuesday, July 6


Y is for Y - fronts!

Far left...can you see them?

This is what our back garden looks like as we speak and in fact most mornings really as I must confess I love washing our laundry and seeing it hanging out to dry in the breeze, nothing compares!

If you look closely you will see I hang the socks out in pairs, then as they dry I pair them up and they go straight into the sock drawer. From time to time socks will go amiss so rather than waste time searching I have a large bag I drop them into and will have socks re-united moment where I find partners for all the lonely socks I have! Strange, quirky, odd but true.

The second picture tells a story! Just off the picture is another of Jon'e work T-shirts so there are 3 in all on the line. so this tells me Jon did 3 sessions in the workshop. This doesn't necessarily mean he did 3 days as sometimes he may change his shirts if they are gruby, as is often the case.

The other two T-shirts tell me that we have been out on the motorbike on at least 2 occasions over the past few days. This is the case as we went to Whitby last Thursday night and to Scarborough on Saturday. The T-shirts also tell another story! If you look closely wou will see that they are both dated - TT Road Races 2008 and Mad Sunday 2010! Yes we bought the Tshirts when we went to the isle of Mann TT Races in both those years. We went in 2009 too and indeed have the T-shirts but Jon didn't pick them out on these occasions. Each year we go over to the Isle of Man there is always an abundance of TT merchandise to buy and we always buy the T-shirts. Whenever we go out on the motorbike Jon always wears a TT Tshirt - they are definately amongst his favourites and he has 5 so there is always a clean supply on the off chance we get out on the motorbike!

My world as I always say is a simple, contented world and having the hum of the washing machine ringing in my ears first thing each morning is part of the everyday life here in the Nesbitt household!


by Ruth Moose

All our life so much laundry;
each day’s doing or not comes clean,
flows off and away to blend with other sins of this world.
Each day begins in new skin,
blessed by the elements charged
to take us out again to do or undo what’s been assigned.
From socks to shirts the selves we shed lift off the line
as if they own a life apart from the one we offer.
There is joy in clean laundry.
All is forgiven in water, sun and air.
We offer our day’s deeds to the blue-eyed sky,
with soap and prayer,
our arms up, then lowered in supplication.

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Monday, July 5

Up close and personal!



Gerberas are the embodiment of modern day floristry. They epitomize modern day living and have sentiments of happiness, modernism. They are eclectic, enigmatic and a joy to work with. Native to South Africa, Gerberas have been cultivated to our European demands.

One of the most popular of all flowers, they can be seen in almost all flower shops!

I always think it is such a shame when a bouquet of flowers dies. What was once an outstanding example of nature in all it’s loveliness, declines into a bunch of lifeless petals.

Last week Jon bought me a wonderful bouquet for my birthday. A week later it is still blooming and I remove the fading flowers on a daily basis. In order to keep the memory I have photographed some of the flowers and will use them in various projects.

In friendship's fragrant garden,there are flowers of every hue.
Each with its own fair beauty and its gift of joy for you.

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Sunday, July 4

Another packed day!

Saturday was quite a busy day here in the Nesbitt household! Jon had to go to the workshop first thing so I pottered about at home with daily chores but at 11am we had to drive to Thirsk Auction Centre to drop something off for one of our customers.

Once a month a “Fur and Feather” auction takes place and our customer has a stall in the farmer’s arket selling his award winning pies, so once we had spoken with Andrew Voakes we had a look round the auction. There were lots of chickens, ducks and geese in cages awaiting auction. There were some amazing breeds which I have never seen before. Jon did say it would be a good place to buy some goslings when we are ready! This sounded good to me.

Home to get changed and head out on the motorbike, such a lovely day we have to make the most of them!

We headed up to Scarborough, to a farmshop we had spotted on the Cloughton Road. We had lunch, a late one at 3pm. Jon had homemade chicken and leek pie, I went for pea and ham soup, with lovely crusty bread! It was delicious!




After we had eaten we had a walk round the various buildings and saw some very interesting pigs!






The cockerel took great pride in strutting his stuff!


We came home via Pickering and when we walked through our gate the hens were sunbathing. They love to find a place where they can spend a couple of hours soaking up the sunshine!


We had a BBQ and spent the best part of the evening sitting on the patio. The patio goes across the back of the house and up the side of the lounge, so we can always find a sun spot!

Once the sun went down the night was chilly so we continued with the gin & tonics inside!

May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night and a smooth road all the way to your door.