Wednesday, March 23

Just catching up.

I haven't had a moment to myself of late - last Thursday we had to travel over to a funeral - a man whom Jon has known for over 30 years - he was the step-dad to Karen, my best friend and side-kick in our village hall involvement.
 It's Karen and I who organise the coffee mornings and fund raising events. 

Friday's organic chocolate making was a HUGE success.

Saturday was our Easter Fun Day - we had a great day.

The egg competition was a success - the children loved their certificates and prizes.

On Sunday a neighbouring village had an "Open Day" as they are just getting off the ground. They had a table top sale so our village hired a table and just sold unwanted items, netting us £64. The entire weekend saw us make a profit of £371. Well pleased.

Tuesday, March 8

I is for Ivy.

On entering our house Ivy greets you!

She continues along the top of the wall....

Down the wall......

In the wall......

In fact all over the wall!

Whilst this ivy looks quite old and don't have to look far to find new growth.

At the bottom of the garden, where I took you last week Ivy grows in abundance.

When I re-positioning two of the chimney pots guess what I chose to put in it?

Bev on the other hand was heading for the henhouse our INCREDIBLE hen!

A busy week - Easter Fun Day to organise!

Watch this space!
ABC Wednesday - the place to be.

Saturday, March 5

Dirty Weekend.

 Yesterday, (Friday) we had planned a walk in the surroundings of our village, approximately 4 miles.
The day started nice enough but by the time our walk started the heavens opened.

Five of us turned up - including the guide John Roberts. From the left, Anne (neighbour), Karen (neighbour and best friend) Moi, Shirley (friend from pottery class).


John took us through Rosecroft wood and we came back to the village hall for soup, roll and some home baking. Other people from the village popped in for lunch and we had a raffle. Fortunately we had prepared everything before setting out as when we returned around 12.30pm there was no running water - until 5.30pm.

These are our new neighbours - Jay and Graham. I have known Jay for over 20 years as I taught her son.

Alison and Sue Stevenson (Daughter in law and Mother in law, and John Roberts our guide.

As well as no water we had a flood through the village.

Today, Saturday the flood was not as bad but still a significant factor affecting our litter-pick. The village, like many other communities took part in the national "Clean for the Queen" campaign in preparation for the official celebrations for the Queen's 90th birthday in May. We will be holding a village tea party where all the village will be invited to the village hall for afternoon tea on May 15th.

Our local Asda store sent their community worker (2nd left) and the community offer from the borough council came too, supplying high visability vests, litter pickers and plastic bags.

So...considering we have had a flood, were without running water and torrential rain we had two productive events and raised £100 for village hall funds.

Tuesday, March 1

H is for HOME!

Whilst I was de-cluttering t I came across several rolls of undeveloped 35mm films. We had no idea what was in store but here are a few of the garden back in 1995.

The garden wall before I spent 6 weeks working to get the grass out.

and how it looks now - on the left before an afternoon's work - and after on the right. Now it's just a maintenance job rather than anything like the initial clearing above.

Our beloved geese, Jo, Peggy and Dolly - we had over 15 years with these chaps.

Now we have this - notice the area opposite the chimney pot......

back in 1995 we had the old gate and concrete path, together with a holly bush to the left....

Now the path is long gone and what was the soiled area has been turfed over. The tiny holly bush has now become a 15 foot tree! The birds love it so much we are keeping it that height.

So yes, a lot of happy memories and many changes in the garden.

Sunday was one of the nicest days we have had in a while. We went to Redcar beach for a change - a wonderful afternoon.

Watch this space!

My H contribution for ABC Wednesday.