Friday, March 4

Three things.....big one, expensive one and a small one.

Big one -We have started on the journey of the big DIY adventure (?) here in the Nesbitt household. Yesterday we e-mailed the Planning Department informing them of our idea to change a window for french doors at the front of our house - where we get the sun on an evening. Looking up our drive the window you can see is the one in question, the front kitchen wondow. I had a chat with the voice on the end of the phone, I have her name and direct contact number. This will form part of the building work and this needs to be done first. The other building work involves knocking a doorway from the kitchen to the snug and replacing the kitchen patio door with a door and window - more worktop space under the window.

Expensive one - we have ordered our Aga - it is a brand spanking new one , electric with AIMS fitted. We spent a good time discussing, comparing, deliberating and in the end we went for this option - yes it is cream. We were pleased (as one can be when having ones eyeballs taken out) with the deal we made. Our Aga will return to the big Aga factory in Shropshire where it will be recycled but will come out more stronger and efficient - a bit like a Dr Who moment - I forget what the correct term is - but I know you will understand. To be perfectly honest (am I anything but?) Agas are expensive - we know that but when it came down to it £1,500 was the difference - lots of factors came into the equation but it all boils down to the fact that we got a good price for ours, we bought our new one local (Malton) it has a 5 year warranty! It will be delivered in the summer - I am sure I will let you know when!

Small one - yet very important - I am altering my beloved curtains this weekend and fitting (with the help of my neighbour Anne) these little things - eyelets. I removed the curtain tape from the curtains last night and bought the necessary tape and fittings today. This is my weekend project.! I have never been any good at hanging curtains - so this should be an eye-opener!

Watch this space!


  1. Exciting! Hope the planning folks are OK. French doors are the business - I love ours! Eyelets in curtains, eh? Never done that - look forward to seeing yopur results! Have a good weekend! Abby x

  2. Crossing fingers on the planning front, you never know what they are going to do and wishing you luck with the curtains...

  3. Eek, so exciting :-)

    It's funny about curtains, I always took them for granted until I moved out of my mother's house (before moving back twelve years later ;-)). My mother is a sewing master, and her curtains were always just beautiful. She made them herself, and I used to get so annoyed sitting around the fabric store while she got just the right thing ... but then I realized that good curtains are true works of art. My mother's have always been amazing.

    Yours look like they'll be beautiful : )

  4. What exciting news on the DYI front

    Gosh the planning departments where you live sound so much nicer and different than the ones I have dealt with in the states.

    I love the AGA you have picked out.
    I have always wanted to see one in person and yours looks fabulous.

    Good luck with the start of your DYI Adventure.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. I'm no DIY guy; our attic's being redone, and it ain't cheap.

  6. How exciting! I'm deliberating whether to go to England & Wales next Sept. OR finish the back windows, have new interior doors installed, and paint the kitchen cabinets. What to do? What to do?

  7. Your excitement is catching! Sounds like you're well on the way with your planning strategies, and look forward to upcoming DIY adventures!

  8. All your plans and new acquisitions sound wonderful. They make me realise how stick in the mud I am. Age, though, has something to do with it. I've got that I don't care for too much upheaval.

  9. Vintage Tea Time

    Your french doors are just so wonderful. We visited a showhouse and saw some which we both loved. It will make evening BBQ's so much easier ie leading out from the kitchen onto the front lawn where we get the sun.

    Tattie Weasle
    The Planners...ah yes. Although we live in a conservation area our house was built in 1956 and was classed as a newbuild some years ago when certain regulations were brought in. There has recently been a HUGE occurance when some people wanted to put UPVC windows in - refused outright. Our house had UPVC windows when we moved in 20 years ago - we will wait and see, anything could happen.

    I know exactly what you mean. My mum once pointed out I couldn't hang curtains and promised me she would show me how - sadly she died a few weeks after so I never found out from her! This new system seems very user friendly - apparantly! lol!

    Keeping our fingers crossed with Planning Dept - trust me.

    it ain't true but gosh it needs doing.


    We have booked and paid for our holiday to the Isle of Man in June - we discussed going abroad on the motorbike - we love it - but now have said we will concentrate on the house project. You have had one heck of a year - a holiday might be just what you need. After you visit us you just may be all charged up to return to Canada and think of your windows! lol!

    Watch this space!

    This has to be done - but I understand what you are saying.

  10. Oh I am SOOOO looking forward to watching someone else suffer LOL LOL

  11. I hate hanging curtains, one of my worst jobs, I can never get them to hang just right. Glad you've made your decision with the Aga, I think it's a weight off the mind once the decision is made.

  12. Kath
    That is just ace coming from you! lol! Your reports always sound so wonderful - I guess by the time I get to write about our decisions I have missed out the heated arguments, tears and tantrums - and that is just Jon! LOL!

    Well it is certainly a MASSIVE weight form the bank balance hun! lol! Ever onwards and ever downwards eh? xx

  13. Big or small everything contributes to the end result. Good luck with the curtain hanging - one job I hate!

  14. Akelamalu
    Believe me I hate hanging curtains too - and it shows! When I was in my neighbours I commented how nice her curtains were and she told me how easy it was with this system - she offered to come and help (do??) mine - her husband is recovering from a small op so it will get her out of the house if you get my drift!
    Watch this space.

  15. Hi, thank you for popping by. Yep, I'm from Sunderland so not too far away. I sell those little rabbits for £5 each , there is only the little yellow one left at the minute but I do take orders if you wanted one :-).
    Good luck with the curtains and as for the new windows I do hope you get permission as they will look gorgeous and I do love your hens ... one day maybe one day I'll have some too..

  16. Hmmm...your renovation plans sound a lot more sensible than ours...we knocked the whole house down and started all over...not really recommended if you want to live a happy, solvent and stress-free life...

    ps. Love the look of your house x

  17. Periwinkle - fantastic news - will visit your etsy shop.

    Thanks so much - ex-police house - they are scattered all over North Yorkshire.

  18. Thanks for your visit to my blog. Reading your 'about me' section, I see we are kindred spirits - primary teachers, deputy heads, now rejoicing in retirement - well I certainly am! ;)

  19. Jennyta
    Yes, I rejoice evryday but my shouts will be louder when I get my lump sum! lol! Not long to go now - roll on June 29th!

  20. Good luk wiv all that werk!

    The ownly thing I noe abowt agas is that cats an big dogs like to sleep nex to them.

    I hav mannidged to update my blog. I hope yu get time to pop by!!

  21. Hey Bob! Great to have you back! I most certainly have popped over - I was one of the first to comment! Hurrayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you're back.

  22. I totally agree with your decision to go with the new Aga - I'd love one!!

    Best of luck with all the new projects :-}

  23. It all sounds very exciting. I hope your weekend project is going well! x

  24. French doors sound just the ticket, always good to let as much evening sun in as possible - it doesn't last long up north!!

    Agas! The bane of my life. I can't stand ours; it's cream also, but is older than me and always clogging up. Apparently, the kerosene is poor quality these days which makes it block up. I'd love to have a brand spanking new one, a gleaming red, but the Farmer, he says No!

    CJ xx

  25. It is really exciting! All of the things you are having done. Brilliant!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  26. Your plans sound great, fingers crossed that the Planners think so too.


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