Monday, April 18

It’s that time of the year again!




Time to remove the dandelions! I detest this job but there is no alternative. Our hens eat part of the weeds so I will not use chemicals. Any suggestions?

Now the weather is nice I am  working in the garden, so will be back in a while with improved patio areas – I hope!


  1. well, there are only two I know - not remove them, or wait until a good rain, when they are easier to pull. good luck.

  2. Ditto on above. Or put up chicken wire until the weeds are dead and the poison is gone. Looks like a big job to me. Good luck!

  3. Roger -thanks no rain forecast just yet.

    Trying boiling water at this very moment. Yes it is a big job!

  4. Pick off the heads, make dandelion wine, drink the wine, drink some more wine,you won't care about the dandelions!
    Jane x

  5. That's a bit job Denise - good luck with it.

  6. I think they look kinda pretty!

  7. Jane & Chris

    I know - I know!

    Yes I agree - nice flower, wrong place.

  8. I do use chemical on mine on the path but it doesn't always work. I understand that boiling water is quite good. As for pulling them up after rain - you only have to leave in the tiniest bit of root and it is away again. Good luck.

  9. Good Luck !

    You must pick the head off before the seeds can blow in the wind. I have heard that hot vinegar poured over them helps kill them off. I think the Garden Center has a much stronger garden vinegar to use but if this would hurt the chickens I don't know.

    The only other choice you have is to remove your pavers, putting down black weed screen then reset the pavers again with sand.
    Lots of work no matter what you chose.

    cheers, parsnip

  10. You are a witch LOL. I was just typing out a post about getting rid of dandelions!
    I am trying 3 different cures. They all seem to have immediate affects, but will they work long-term? Only time wil tell :-D

  11. It took me forever, but I managed to get rid of an area full of lilies...yes I know they're pretty but they grow like weeds and were bugging me just like your dandelions bug you. I have no idea what to do without chemicals, but follow instructions from the others and you might just get rid of them. Good luck! :D

  12. I feel for you! I pull up dandelions every year - obviously not successfully or I wouldn't have to keep doing it;-)

  13. The only thing I know is to dig them out, or to put down some sort of fabric or plastic under the pavers. Also, don't let them go to seed!

  14. Er, ahem, would those be someone's 'unmentionables' hanging in the first photo? ;) Couldn't help but notice...
    Answers from Organic gardening:

    Use a flat-head screwdriver or a dandelion digger to scrape them out.
    Boil water and (carefully!) pour it on the weeds.
    Make a simple spray with 1 quart of vinegar, 1/4 cup of salt, and 2 tablespoons of dishwashing detergent. Stir it all together until the salt dissolves. Add it to a spray bottle and spray directly onto the weeds. This works best when there's no rain in the forecast for a couple of days!
    You could flame them with a small propane flamer or blowtorch.
    Of course, you can pull them. Pulling is especially effective for weeds with taproots, such as dandelions.
    If the weeds are appearing between pavers, you could try filling the space with something else. If there are large spaces between the pavers, consider ground covers such as thyme, shredded bark mulch, or pebbles. If the spaces are small, look into a product called polymeric sand. This can be swept and watered into the cracks, and, once dry, forms a barrier that weeds can't grow through. Watch what you're buying -- there are some brands of this product that use synthetic binders, and others that use organic binders. Buy the organic one, if at all possible.

  15. You can get those burny blowtorch things can't you? I imagine they'd be fun! I like the dandies though they're yellow and then they're fluffy, what's not to like?


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