Sunday, April 10

Not the Magnolia!



We are having a tootle up to Northumberland today so I will be thinking about colours! Have been greatly inspired by Farrow & Ball – we can actually buy this range in Whitby! The plaster is drying out nicely a few more days I think.

Got a builder coming round on Wednesday re fitting new kitchen door so he should be giving us a date for when he can come and fit it. Talking with Jon last night – once snug is finished and carpetted – ie by Good Friday we will move back in – and the snug will be our base whilst we work on the lounge. There is very little to do in there, compared to what we had to do in the snug. Jon has to move the aerial, re-position a couple of lights and build a chimney breast. We can leave the chimney breast for now – the laminate floor is to be replaced with a carpet. Fifteen years of tap tapping across the floor is quite enough! The carpet will be ordered at the end of June – ideal time to do the chimney breast – but other bitty jobs can be done!


Watch this space!


  1. Hope you have a great trip today ! A tip with F& B is to take their chart to crown paints and they mix the exact shade which is a third of the price!

  2. Gosh, you are truly steaming ahead, I am much impressed! It must be so satisfying to see things all starting to shape up. Enjoy the trip, hope the sun is up where you are.

  3. well, tootle-loo! tootle doesn't show up in US England.

  4. But why do F&B have such whacky names? I was with a friend this week and she had the F&B card- very keen on 'Clunch' shade. Which apparently means 'indurated clay' or [worse] 'a heavy, unshapely lumpen mass'
    I like Diney's tip though

    have fun in whitby!!

  5. Sometimes, when we are decorating, I wish there was only one available colour Denise - it is so hard to choose.

  6. Good luck choosing your colours, I'm never very good at it, I can never make my mind up.

  7. Picking a paint color is indeed very hard so good luck. So glad the plaster is drying nicely.
    I don't know the paint companies you have but I have found with all the homes I have painted... sometimes a cheaper paint means several more coats of paint to get the right coverage or depth of color or it doesn't quite last as long.
    Ack ! too many decisions.

    How are the chickens ?

    cheers, parsnip

  8. It's so hard to choose a paint colour, there are so many nowadays. I like F&B's colours too, but their price is well beyond our budget. I bet Crown and Dulux are asked to mix their colours on a very frequent basis!

  9. 'Not a lot to do in there' - lol.
    Not a lot if you say it quickly. ;)

  10. parsnip
    Chickens are great!

    Yes - I will definately be getting a mix - lots of offers on now too. DIY busiest weekend apparantly!


  11. Why is it that bank holidays result in a splurge of d-i-y? - and special offers?

  12. Considering you're in the middle of DIY-ing, you certainly get out and about. Hope you enjoyed your tootle :)

  13. diney
    A great piece of information - will do so!

    Yes sun indeed was shining away! Northumberland was great!


    Would you believe they have a colour called Elephant Breath? Hilarious!

    So very very true - and there is not much difference between them!

    Neither am I - this is why EVERY room is currently magnolia!

  14. jabblog
    It is also the time for the highest number of DIY related injuries at A&E!

    Got to make the most of the sunshine - plaster was drying so there wasn't anything we could do - back on track now though!

  15. We know someone who only ever uses magnolia paint. In every room, everywhere, in each house he has lived in for the past forty years. Out comes the magnolia and all walls are covered with it. When it comes time to redecorate, more magnolia is bought. Wooden floors, never carpets. His house is not enlivened by splashed of colour from furniture or soft furnishings either... so bland. His eyes pop out whenever he sees our colour range! I suspect he probably goes home for a lie down in a darkened room.

  16. Good luck with the paint choosing. I prefer using Farrow and Ball paints, their depth of colour and consistency makes them a dream to use, well worth the extra cost if you can do it.
    Take care
    Sarah x

  17. Enjoy your trip to Northumberland! I think it's nice to do things gradually because we tend to appreciate the finished result more. I'm doing up one of my drawing rooms and even though it'll take a long time, I'll love it when it done, I'm sure!

    CJ xx


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