Saturday, April 23

Downshifting Week

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We have had a hectic few days – Friday was quite a day in itself. Our very good friends Keith and Dorothy came for lunch and we had a wonderful time.
No sooner had they left we had a visit from another really good friend Tracey Smith, founder of National Downshifting Week.
We have known Tracey for many years, it was great to catch up.

Tracey has written an excellent book and has left me a copy – which I am going  to give away – I have read the book and feel the only thing to do is to share so somebody else benefits from the wealth of information and ideas. Just leave a comment and I will draw names



  1. I have just checked out Tracey's website. How come I have not heard of her before? The book sounds really interesting - please count me in the draw!
    Easter Joys!!

  2. This sounds absolutely fascinating. Please include me in your draw. Ann x

  3. Angela

    Thanks so much.


    Consider yourself added!

  4. By goodness, if you saw my house you would know I could do with a copy of this book lol. If I don't win I think I will buy a copy as I need some sort of motivation.

  5. OOh yes please!
    Happy Easter.
    Jane x

  6. How interesting! I had no idea it was National Downshifting Week, but I've finally realised I cannot go on hanging onto stuff the way I do, and I've been sorting and tossing things out, bagging stuff up for charity bags and driving doggie stuff to a rescue for 'disposal' (stuff like old duvets and pillows, dog toys, feeding dishes, coats etc).

    I feel like an alcoholic, standing up at an AA meeting and finally admitting that she has a problem. LOL!

  7. I think I'll just have an estate sale and be done with it! :)

  8. You're a very lucky lady to be friends with a published author! She looks like a lovely person. Count me in, too. :D

  9. Looks fascinating! Please enter me for your draw. Thanks!

  10. Great link, thanks! We have been muttering about downshifting and decluttering for ages - no courage in our convictions :)
    The website looks like a good place to get some inspiration and, of course, the book would be a lovely bonus.
    Thank you for running this comp.

  11. Now that's the book for me. Not only does it have Rubbish in the title, but it's where most of my 'stuff' should be, in the rubbish bin.

  12. How have I not heard of this???anything which helps me declutter is a godsend - I will definitely check out the website x

  13. Sounds like an interesting read - please count me in. :)

  14. Well of course we had to downshift when my husband was made redundant. We now have a third of the income we once had, but spending money, shopping and so on has never been something we did on any great scale, only doing so when necessary.
    Our pace of life is slower, we are not governed by any clocks or schedules, lie-ins and late-ups the order of the day! We will grow more of the fruit and veg we eat this year, read more books, spend more time together and be all the happier for it.

  15. Fascinating! Thanks for sharing.

  16. A belated happy easter! Glad to be following your blog once again, I have missed it.

    The book looks very interesting will have to get myself a copy.

    Martin :)

  17. Thank you so very much for adding her website - its abosolutely fascinating and to own her book with be awesome. But I would do the same as you - read it from cover to cover - and probably copy the bits that I want to use - then pass it on to another interested blogger
    Good luck everyone

  18. Please count me in the draw too.

    Regarding weeds from a couple of posts back - I pour boiling water along the "cracks" between the crazy paving that we inherited. The hens can still eat the (boiled) dandelions and the weeds don't like growing back too quickly. I boil a full kettle, pour a cuppa for us and rush out to the crazy paving as quick as I can with the rest before it cools down too much.

  19. Hows the house going my Lovely? Itching for more pics!

    We just got our kitchen tiled, I'll show some pics nest week, busy getting ready for Beltane tomorrow.


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