Saturday, April 16

Hound Lemon!

Thanks to the information and tips you helped me with I chose Farrow & Ball Pale Hound (top) for the walls and Hound Yellow (bottom) for the chimney breast ! Our local decorator supplier mixed the colours for me, thanks to the tips you gave me I saved £60 on a 5 litre tin of emulsion – so am really excited about seeing the colours on the walls! The photograph doesn't really do the colours justice, but will give you an idea.


It has a definite green hue to it so when we get the carpet in it will all look splendid.Over the next few days this room will be finished and the furniture can be moved back in. Once finished Jon will do the chimney breast in the lounge. We want one room we can escape to!
The window fitter came last night and measured up for the replacement door/window in the kitchen. We all ready have the door and window so this will be a relatively small job.
We had a great day off yesterday – Jon had business in Kirby Lonsdale so it was ideal to go on the motorbike. We are off to Scarborough tomorrow as it is the Ian Watson Spring National Race at Oliver’s Mount Racing Circuit so all being well, let’s hold the weather is good! A good weekend in store me thinks!


  1. Very nice! Hope the weather is fine for your trip to Scarborough tomorrow. :)

  2. I had a yellow hound, and he had a green hue when he scoffed all the Easter Eggs one year ;)
    He's lucky it didn't kill him.
    Seriously, I like it :)
    Hope Scarborough is sunny for you - Steve is in Flamborough today.

  3. Great colours [but still whacky names!]
    Have a glorious time in Scarborough
    blesisngs x

  4. Very close to the color of my walls and I LOVE mine. Of course, I didn't pick it out. Bro O remodeled this house while I lived far away. He picked the color. Good job to you and Bro O.

  5. Thise colours will make a nice back drop for all your belongings. My downstairs rooms are always full of stuff, so I have gone for fairly nuetral colours too. Bet you cant wait to see it all finished!

  6. Yellow hound? Would that be a labrador?
    Jane x
    PS Enjoy Scarborough. We have a Scarborough in Ontario, we call it Scarberia...nuf said!

  7. I love those colours Denise - nice and restful.

    Lovely Kirby Lonsdale too - have you ever been in the run up to Christmas - beautifully decorated shops. Also fantastic cheese shop which has a resident pianist.
    There is a superb "Lune View " in the churchyard, made famous by Ruskin.

  8. LOVE your choices, Denise! I went with the yellow hues last summer when I had the interior of the house painted - it makes the house look so much cosier yet lighter as I don't have large windows to bring in the natural light. Have a great weekend! :D

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  10. OK... I live in the US ...
    To me the "snug" that your working on would be the room to retreat/den/family room to and the "lounge" the sitting/living room ?
    I am so confused....
    Love the colors confusing or not !

    cheers, parsnip

  11. Lovely paint colour choices :) Off you go tootling again ~ it's amazing that you are able to fit all the work in, and flit about at the same time...

  12. Lovely colours!! I actually really like neutral colours because you can play around with splashes of colour in your soft furnishings instead, but get the benefit of the light and airy feel that neutrals bring to a room.
    I'm sooooo envious of you being at this stage, I can't wait to be able to paint our place!


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