Sunday, January 30

Something hot n spicy for Sunday!

I am not sure where I saw this cartoon but it did make me laugh and seemed appropriate to share in the new Weekend Cookery challenge I am taking part of.

As I shared on Friday I am following Slimming World's Diet and was thrilled to lose 1 stone. I would like to lose a further 2 stone but am happy with the progress I am making. All the recipes I share will be what I eat on a regular basis as part of my diet.
From time to time we have taster sessions and the recipe I am sharing today was voted one of the favourites at class.

Denise's hot n spicy lettle something.
1 tin chopped tomatoes
2 tins kidney beans
1 tablespoon curry powder
1 teaspoon chilli

Blitz tomatoes + dry curry powders in processor
Add kidney beans and blitz till beans are just broken up - not mushy

Meanwhile in microwave or on cooker scramble 2 eggs
Stir in some of the spicy mixture


This mixture is also great on a crispbread on top of fat free cottage cheese.


  1. Ha ha, great cartoon. You've done really well losing a stone, good luck with the other two.

  2. Mmmm ... sounds good : ) And the cartoon is a trip! It actually is how I think of my "recipes".

    The truth is, I don't cook. I'm a dreadful cook. It's not even funny, no matter how hard I try, I ruin pretty much everything (including macaroni and cheese out of the box and something called "foolproof fudge" ;))

  3. I love the cartoon :-)
    Your recipe sounds delicious - curry and chilli always add zing to food.

  4. Great cartoon! The recipe looks hot! Might try it - often 'diet' foods are rather bland. Thanks :)

  5. Nice one, Denise and well done on your weight loss.

  6. Love the cartoon Denise, I may have to sort my recipes into the same order. LOL

  7. Bwaaaahaaaaahaaa. Loved the cartoon. Too funny, too often true.

    I life that easy recipe too.

    And wooo hoo to you for your loss of 1 stone. Wow. Impressive.

  8. Love the cartoon, and the tomatoes and spicy stuff sound delicious. thanks. I could lose a few stones too.

  9. Great cartoon! I like the recipe too. Good luck with your weight loss.

  10. You might have seen it at my blog. Posted it a bit ago. Great comic. Good stuff.

  11. Interesting dish and very easy. Thanks.

  12. Love the cartoon! Thank you for calling in on my blog and leaving such a kind message. Am I right in thinking that the NEC event is at the end of March? If so - the tickets would be lovely! Lol Jx

  13. What a disappointment Denise - I thought something hot and spicy for the weekend was going to be Mr Nesbitt!!!
    I shall, however, try this recipe as it sounds good.

    I contacted your blog friend who is moving up to Richmond.


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