Saturday, January 29

Beauty up the lane!.

For a change today we went up Parkhouse Farm Lane - some lovely captures don't you think!

As I was taking this particular photograph I was aware of a "pressence" behind me. I turned really really slowly, camera poised!

A good morning wouldn't you say!


  1. Lovely pics!
    The first one looks like the contours on a map.
    The Hare picture would do well in the Countryfile calendar competition me thinks...

    Sandie xx

  2. The ice patterns look almost as though they've been drawn, but the hare is wonderful:-) How lovely to see one so early in the year. I rarely see them and usually only in the mating season. Gorgeous captures, all of them.

  3. WOW - never seen a hare that close! Brilliant pic. Love the icy ones too. Well done!

  4. Talk about being in the right place at the right time!
    I think you should enter that pic of the hare into a competition Denise.

  5. The hare (we call them jack rabbits here)looks as though he is thinking;
    "What the ?????".
    Gorgeous picture!
    Jane x

  6. Oh, gorgeous : ) The neatest thing about nature is that, if we have respect for it, we get all sorts of gifts.

    The first two pictures remind me of "snail trails" in tidepools. I have the strangest urge now to walk to the beach and search for some wintertime sand journeys.

    It's kind of cold to be traipsing around in tidepools, though ;)

  7. Love the ice shots; I have seen similar sights on my walks, and enjoy them then, also! You did well to catch the hare so up close and personal, I rarely have such opportunities and normally do not succeed in capturing them!

  8. All of them are magnificent photos but to take a picture of a hare is extremely clever.
    Great shots.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  9. OMG! That last photo made me smile and laugh out loud! Fabulous capture! Love the swirls on the ice, too. Hope you had a great day and are by now having a good sleep.

  10. A lovely crispy walk by the look of the icy patterns ~

    Now what's this about splitting hares!!! ;)

  11. Fabulous ice pictures and I adore the one of the hare. What a great morning you had.

  12. green with envy at the hare photo Denise!

    Leanne x


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