Thursday, January 13

Thought for Thursday


This morning I received my thought for the day, courtesy of

Think Differently
The world is what you think of it.  So think of it differently and your life will change.
When you wake up, instead of thinking: Can I sleep just a little bit more?  Think differently: What can I read right now, that's inspirational or motivational? 
When thinking about exercise, instead of thinking: What difference will it make if I just skip a day?  Don't I deserve a day off? Think differently: What should I listen to while I workout to make this session more fun?
When considering eating healthy, instead of thinking: What foods am I going to have to give up?  Think differently: What foods that I like will I get to eat more of?  What new recipes can I experiement with?

Last night at Slimming World I maintained my current weight – a loss of 9.5 lb which means although I initially lost 12lb I gained 2.5lb over Christmas and the times our classes were cancelled due to bad weather – so I guess I have got to move up the action bar and make a determined effort this week. This quote therefore did seem to ring a few bells. The change in the weather helps and the general temperature does seem warmer – which is a good thing here as we ran out of oil last night and the Aga is making its way through the last bag of coal….hopefully we are having a delivery of oil this afternoon and the coalman is on our case!


  1. a constant battle to reframe, for me

  2. This thinking differently is rather Buddhist isn't it? Instead of looking at things from one perspective, usually your own, you try to look at it from a different one, from the other person's perspective, or from a different angle, definitely a more positive one. Something I try to do all the time, but being human, don't always achieve. Like my ideal weight... I am too short for my weight you see.

  3. Roger,
    Yes so correct -a constant battle, I feel I am on the road to win but as the Hollie's sang "The road is long with many a winding turn!" lol!

    Thanks - I so agree with you. I am short - I said at Slimming World I was the perfect weight for an eight foot woman - seemed to ring a few bells round the room! Thanks for visiting.

  4. Food for thought there, if you'll pardon the pun! I've seen a lot around positive thinking since the new year, don't know if it's just that I'm more receptive to it this year than I have been in the past....

    I think putting on less than 3lbs over Christmas is something of an achievment so well done! I love the BBC Good Food website for recipes - you can search by ingredients, calories per serving etc etc :)

  5. I really try to see the glass as half full;sometimes it's difficult but I can catch myself before the negative thought takes over. It helps that I refuse flatly to be grown up! I tried it in my twenties and found it too much like hard work!
    Jane x
    PS You seem to be doing well at the weight loss!
    Just had to laugh...the word verification for this comment is MOONGLUM!

  6. I think you're doing very well. Being weighed in public must be quite a facer - I don't even like weighing myself in private ;-)

  7. What a wonderful quote. I love, love, love it...! You have given me something to think about today.

    And congratulations on the weight loss. Well, done...!

  8. Lucy
    Thanks so much - when I am at class and people are loosing up to 8 lbs in some cases it does make me feel I should do more - but you are right - the weight gain over Christmas - when I ate EXACTLY what I wanted is OK.
    Yes the word verifications can be hilarious - I had Buglers the other day! I know some silly buglers I can tell you! lol!
    It is quite funny to see everybody taking off their coats, boots, shoes to help the scales! lol!
    Yes a great quote - I have one evry day e-mailed over - a good way to start the day.

  9. Well look on the bright side - you haven't put any more on!

    You'll do it Denise, I know you will. x

  10. Akelamalu
    Thanks hun! Have got my wii fit+ today!

  11. Good stuff in the quote - you can often not change situations or other people, but you can change your own attitude. well done on the dieting!

  12. An inspirational quote which is a great way to start of anyone's day. Your sense of humour is healthy, too ;)

  13. I've the perfect way to lose weight. I have arthritis and fibromyalgia so I hate exercise. But I love cats, and all the standing and bending to get to the lower cages that I do, is actually making me lose weight. And I don't complain about the aches and pains and cramps when I get home because I've so enjoyed the cats.

  14. P.S. Should have explained that volunteer at a cat shelter.
    Also, so wonderful to see the snow drops!

  15. My problem with weight is that the food that I'd like to eat more of is the food I should give up. And the new recipes that attract me are always the ones to pile on yet more weight!

    I hope the oil and coal came! Or are with you soon.

  16. 'Can I sleep just a little bit more?' Do I really have to change that? It'll be a hard one!

    (see, even verifier agree: it says Tyrann!)

  17. Weather! Ack!

    Last week we couldn't walk because of ice. Well, we did walk and slide and slip and skid and ended up callig for a ride back.

    This morning we couldn't walk because of wind. I went out to head to my walking friend's and nearly blew over.

    We'll try again tomorrow.


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