Sunday, January 23

7 facts about me

Earlier this week I was tagged by 2 of my blogging friends, Jo and Freerange Girl
they both gave me this award which I am sharing with any of my lovely blogging friends who would like to post 7 random facts about themselves. Here are mine :-


1. My little finger on my left hand is bent.
This is a result of a fall in a netball match, teachers v. pupils, back in 1980.
It remained weak and lo and behold I dislocated it again about 8 years ago.
Quite simply it was knocked and jumped out of joint.
One day I will get it fixed, but know it will be painful!

2. My middle name is Elizabeth, after my nana who was Eizabeth Ellen, known as Dolly.
The family came over from Germany just at the beginning of the war.
Her father was a clockmaker. The name was Schumacer, so I may be related to Michael!

3. When I was 16 I worked as a nurse aid in a local hospital, now demolished.
I was based on the men's medical ward.
One job I had to do was to "prepare" the patients for surgery.
This meant shaving private areas with a razor!

4. I can play the spoons.I find the older, soup spoons are the best.

5. I enjoy pease pudding .
I did not eat it for over 15 years following a school dinner episode when I was 7.
On a table of 6, I was the only one who liked it, so I swapped my dinner with the others on my table in return for their pease pudding.
I ate a whole plate full!
I wasn't very popular that afternoon!

6. I have evil thoughts about a former teacher, Mr. Pallister.
When I was 9 and not liking cheese pie or coconut pudding he made an example of me in front of the whole junior school, by forcing me to eat them both!
"People like me pay taxes so people like you can have free school meals!"
Were the kind words he said at the time.
Soon after my dinner I played skips and was sick.
I was so frightened I ran home to Auntie Dot.
I can picture her to this day, baking at the kitchen table.
She walked straight to the school, apron on, rolling pin in hand.
My family had a whip round and from then on I did not have a free school meal again, even though I was entitled to them.

7. I was banned from Weightwatchers in 1986.
I was in the meeting with my friend, we were chatting quietley. However the leader was not happy with this.
She turned and shouted "Would you like to share the secret of your success with the rest of the class Denise?" She bellowed!
"Before I came to Weightwatchers I would have a cooked breakfast, go to school and have tea and biscuits.
At playtime I would have more tea and biscuits.
Lunchtime I would have a school dinner.
Afternoon break, tea and biscuits.
Home for tea then out for a few drinks with friends, followed often by fish and chips.
Home for cocoa and a biscuit!"
I replied.
"And what now?"
She asked..
"I don't have a biscuit with my cocoa!"
Was my reply!
"Your attitude is not welcome here at Weightwatchers!"
Meanwhile she had been holding a bread roll up which she had poked her finger show us how much starch was in the bun.
As we stood up my friend shouted..
"If you are going to abuse that roll I have it?"
We never went back, but I did loose 20lbs!

Over to you!


  1. It's always so interesting to find out what other people consider "random facts" about themselves ... I found yours completely fascinating!

    I am also very jealous that you can play the spoons, and even more jealous that you stood up to a Weight Watchers meeting leader ... I'm scared of those people ;)

    I had so much fun reading this that I think I'm going to do it on my blog now : )

  2. you ARE a troublemaker.

    Elizabeth is my mother's middle name, and also that of one of my niece's.

  3. Snap - I have a bent finger on my left hand, third finger though - broken by a pony! x

  4. Too funny..banned from weightwatchers......he he he he !
    Jane x

  5. Love the weightwatchers episode... nice to know there are other troublemakers around... sadly I find there's little opportunity these days!

  6. Kicked out of Weight Watchers...what a rebel! I love the photos of your kitchen and the make-over plans. Good Luck. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  7. My middle name is Elizabeth too. I got into trouble at junior school when the teacher accused me of cheating - I wasn't. My mother, who was a very gentle person, was so angry she went straight to the headmaster and told him off - I was so impressed!

  8. The Weight Watchers story is hilarious! Can't imagine that group functioned very long with such a sourpuss leader.

  9. I enjoyed reading your random facts. I think you get to know a blogger a little better when you read these (or am I just nosey?).

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  11. I don't know where i got the idea I had to do 10 from!!!!
    I am pleased to know you - I have never known ayone get banned from Weight Watchers!! although i got banned from attending Tupperware parties by a certain demonstrator!!! I hope you are not related to my most hated PE Teacher - she was called Miss Schumacer!! Married the Physco Physics teacher Mr Hodgetts. xxxx

  12. I love it- you are my official weight loss hero!!!

  13. Elizabeth is MY mother's middle name and Ellen my grandmother's name. Love the weight watchers incident. You're all Yorkshire! :) :)

  14. I wish I had the guts to stand up to the WW leader! That is HILARIOUS! And by the way, just what is pease pudding, please.

  15. That was the most interesting 7 things that I have ever read!
    Not quite sure what pease pudding is but I guess it hangs heavy in the stomach!
    That teacher sounded diabolical. Would have got the sack today & quite rightly too. Likewise, weightwatchers were very rude to you. I expect you lost the weight just to get your own back.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  16. hey
    your '7 random facts' is so funny one of the best reads ive had in a while lol its good to find out about new people.

    soo i have recently started a blog (only 2 days in) but yeh maybe stop by sumtime have a read and tell me wat u think :D

  17. You do have some interesting stories to tell. I especially enjoyed your way of telling the Weightwatchers off. That kind of "know-it-all" deserves it.

  18. how funny! i am sitting here giggling at the weight watchers episode :D

  19. My little left finger is bent too! But mine's from birth.

    Love the weightwatchers story! Tee hee.

  20. Love those facts, especially about being thrown out of weightwatchers, I bet you made everyones day!

  21. Love the WW story - well done you!

  22. You're a hoot! Some very interesting and hilarious facts...keep 'em coming :)

  23. I love a bit of pease pudding too :) And learning to play the spoons is on my list of things to do before I die!


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