Thursday, January 6

When good things happen!

I love buying books! We have our own allocted shelves in the snug - Jon's to the left, mine to the right. To say they are full is an understatement, but the matter will be addressed when we re-model the house as we are having more shelving built in the lounge. This will allow us to continue acquiring books. Looking at my collection I see a vast amount of "Grow your own" themed books. Trouble is, I read such books and THINK I have carried out what the book has set out to tell me. Most of the time such books leave me feeling overwhelmed with advice and an uncertainty about WHERE to start. Each year I set out WANTINg to grow something but the helplessness sets in and I find myself achieving very little, just a feeling of failure. I read the results of others and the despair grows.........
The other day I was reading through a few blogs and indeed left a comment on one saying I needed to buy a diary! The next thing I knew a lovely person was offering the Sarah Raven's Diary as a swap! Straight away I responded and today a wonderful parcel arrived. What is more the diary sets out simple, manageable tasks for each month so I now can see a plot to my garden plans for 2011! How wonderful is that!
Watch this space for future revelations!

New Year Resolution Update:-
1. Not to use any plastic carrier bags and to really cut down on packaging....done this! Now have a piece of plastic bag on my keyring to remind me as I leave the house.

2. Eat healthily....Back on board with Slimming World - only gained 2.5lb over a month - this is the first gain since joining in September - I can live with this after such a fantastic Christmas and New Year - bring it on!

3. Sew....Bought something - will be experimenting soon - whether or not I share just yet is very touch and go!


  1. Good luck with your resolutions Denise - I think you are as determined as I so you will succeed. x

  2. Hi Denise
    So glad you like my swap, it was my first swap,did you find the seeds? Looking forward to receiving mine :)

  3. You sound so excited and upbeat about the coming planting season and other things. Right now, I'm a bit down again, but soon will be right as rain. (which is falling as I speak/type)

  4. I gave up on resolutions years ago but I like yours and I wish you luck in keeping them.

  5. Oh - you must share your sewing with us!! Please do!

    Well done on the weight thing - I still have to get into gear, but it's happening very very soon, I promise you (and me!).

    As to the bags, we've managed to do this too. We now have a stack of fabric and reusable plastic bags for supermarket shopping, and I have a dinky little fabric one (I got it free with a magazine!) which I can put another folding one into and take into town with me whenever I go. It's not often we forget these days - but there's a downside. If you want an old plastic carrier for something, they're in very short supply!

  6. i like books. i must say that i probably will never have a kindle/nook thing. then again, i once said i'd nevver blog, and i see how well that worked out.

  7. I love books. Unfortunately reading has become a problem for the old neck, and the hands can't handle the weight of some books. I haven't used plastic bags since WI launched a campaign about excess packaging. Instead I use a variety of attractive, lightweight fabric bags, often remarked on by strangers in the queues! Good luck with the sewing.

  8. My mum passed on her love for books to me. I too have loads of gardening books. How about starting off growing some veg in containers if you get overwhelmed? This is how I started off and now I've got an allotment. Good luck with your resolutions.

  9. I love the idea of attaching a small piece of plastic to your keyring as a reminder to forgo the plastic bags. I may have to try this!!
    Happy New Year!

  10. I know what you mean about books. We keep running out of shelf space, but we no sooner add another than it fills up.

    We now have three bookcases in the dining room, one in the bedroom, plus one in my son's, another in the conservatory and even one in the cellar. And we still have double rows of them.

    One day I'll get round to reading one of them!!

  11. The first two, yes; sew - no, no, NO! I nearly bought a diary the day before yesterday; they were so pretty. But i know it will get lost in my handbag and I will continue to rely on my brain. Ha ha ha ha ha ...

    But what a useful swap.


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