Tuesday, February 1

C is for Chicken and why did the chicken cross the road?

Oh I can hear the shouting out "To get to the other side!"
A group of people gave their interpretations below to solve the issue.

-Descartes: to go to the other side of the road.

-Plato: for the chicken, truth lies on the other side.

-Aristotle; It’s the nature of all chickens.

-Carle Marx: This is a historical inevitability thus it should rise up against it.

-Captain James Kirk: to go where no other chicken has gone before.

-Hippocrates: because of an excessive pancreas disorder.

-Martin Luther King: It dreamt of a world where chickens have the right to cross any road without justifying it.

-Richard Nixon: The chicken hasn’t crossed the road… I repeat she hasn’t crossed the road!

-Nicola Machiavelli: The important thing is that the chicken crossed the road, and it doesn’t matter why. Its urge to cross the road justifies any means to do it.

-Shamel: Because it saw a colorful rooster.

-Sigmund Freud: To wonder why the chicken crossed the road is an indication of suppressed sexual desires.

-Buddha: asking such a question is denying the nature of all chickens.

-Jim Carry: Finally! I thought it’ll never cross!!!

-Stephen Segal: You tell me!

-Charles de Gaulle: Maybe it crossed the road but not the highway!

-Einstein: whether the chicken crossed the road or the road itself moved towards it, this all depends on the chicken speed multiplied by the number of its footsteps.

-George W Bush: This action is a flagrant violation of the UN resolutions. Just the mere notion of the chicken crossing the road without punishment is considered a threat to democracy, freedom and justice. Hence, this proves to us that we should’ve unquestionably destroyed that road long time ago. So, to keep piece in the region, and in order to protect the values we fought for, we decided to send our troops to demolish all poultry farms in that area. This way, no other chicken will be tempted to cross the road again.

-Hamlet: This is not the question.

-Othello: It felt jealous and decided to revolt.

-Nietzsche: because when you look at the road for too long, the road will start looking at you.

-Shakespeare: It didn’t cross the road, but the road tempted the chicken to cross.

-Oscar Wilde: I can believe anything, provided that it is quite incredible.

-Mu`ammar al-Qadhafi : I forgot.

I laughed at the above - I know many of you reading this will have to...
But getting back to the story....
If you remember, last week I told of the iminent arrival of our banty cockerel - companion to Mabel, our hen who had taken up residence with neighbours. Well, the neighbours were moving so it was decided that Mabel would return to the Nesbitt Henhouse complex, together with loverboy himself!

All was planned, so on Saturday night Mabel and Cockerel arrived in their hackney sack cab!
They were placed into Henhouse 2 and left for the evening. It was at this point I asked neighbour if he had a middle name."Ernest" was the reply - hence the appropriate name for cockerel.
Foolishly, on Sunday morning I opened the door.Ernest and Mabel scuttled out and Ernest spent no time in making a dash for field next door where he spent a cpouple of hours. I let the other hens out and after a while was marvelling at the way they were all integrating - Ernest included. As I chatted to my SIL on the phone I saw Mabel walk along the pavement OUTSIDE the house, ie next to the main road. I dashed outside to see her cross the road, walk through the farmer's field, back to neighbours. Apparantly she was wanting to return home to lay an egg. We left her settle. At dusk I was ushering the hens into their henhouse. Ernest followed them in, but Olwyn, large brown one started pecking him. He made a swift exit into henhouse 2, closely followed by Margie the white hen. Later, Mable was brought back and placed into the same henhouse and soon settled down with both Ernest and Margie, Ernest in the middle of them both. We are leaving them settle for a couple of days - I am taking water and fresh food every morning and evening. In a couple of days we will let them out and see what happens!
Watch this space!

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  1. What does it feel like to have been snubbed by a chicken?
    Jane x

  2. Yes, I laughed at the various definitions, and then again at the chicken exploits. Will watch this space for further adventures.

  3. So...the chicken crossed the road ... to lay an egg! Finally, thanks to Mabel, the question can be put to rest.

    Oscar Wilde had so many great quotes and of course, he knew the Importance of Being E(ar)nest! ;)

  4. Oh Denise - I have been there - aren't we daft about our chickens. But then, if they know they are loved then they lay more eggs (honest)

  5. Chicken Nesbitt is still staring out onto my garden and he has no intention of crossing any roads!
    Loved your bantam story.

    My theory about the chicken & the road is.....A marauding fox made the chicken cross the road in the first place & its natural homing instinct made it want cross back later when the fox was gone.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  6. Those were funny, I especially liked this one

    Shamel: Because it saw a colorful rooster.

    which seems to fit perfectly with your post. :)

  7. Hehe, I liked the Shamel interpretation. What a fine specimen Ernest looks :)

  8. Oh the drama. I can't wait for the next installment.
    Loved all the "quotes" too. Very funny.
    Have a great rest of the week Denise.

  9. Love your own chicken story, and the variety of answers to the chicken/road conundrum.

  10. Ah, the importance of being Ernest. It's a great name.

  11. Enjoyed every bit of this hilarious post!! :D
    The views of the Bold and the Wise men ;) from around the world and the escapades from across the road!! :)

    Awaiting the next episode!!

  12. Here in Arkansas we say that the chicken crossed the road to prove to the Armadillo that it could be done.

    An Arkies Musings

  13. Very funny, both the comments on the chicken crossing the road and your chicken crossing back across the road so to speak.

  14. Well you've definitely got me laughing this morning! Just the way I like to start my day! What a fun post for the C Day!!!

    ABC Team

  15. My goodness, looks like Ernest is having to work at being accepted by all the hens. This was a hilarious post with all those quotes - loved every one of them! I never knew chickens could be so fascinating so I WILL be watching this space! lol

  16. Great post - looking forward to the next installment :)

  17. yes, funny on a thursday morning, thanks for reading this great post ;))

  18. Very funny, I will look forward to the next chicken adventure.

  19. Oh, too too too funny, Mrs. N.
    It will be interesting to see if Ernest and Mabel live happily ever after or if they will always be accompanied by the big white chicken playing gooseberry.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  20. The jokes cracked me up. And the chicken tale sounds like some sort of reality show. I'll tune in for the next episode!

  21. You have me laughing with this one!

  22. To try to find his head!

    On behalf of the ABC Wednesday team, Thank you! ROG

  23. I've never seen that many answers to ONE question. Fun read!

  24. I see your chicken has very hairy legs. They are good for free range chickens, a battery chicken locked up in little space will suffer with such hairy legs. You know what I mean.

  25. Too late! Jedidiah beat me to the punchline -- The Importance of Being Earnest! One of my favorite plays.
    Your quotes were hilarious -- except for one. I won't tell you which or it will give away my political persuasion :)
    I do love chickens. Looking forward to your next installment.

  26. So he already had a name? Darn! I really think Henry suits him better.

    Sounds like a madhouse of fowl play at your place.

    ABC Team

    Loved the various answers to the ever-frustrating chicken/road conundrum. Did you make them up?

  27. I never realised chickens had such individual personalties!

  28. What a great story and I love all the beginning chicken crossing the road attributions. My neighbor has chickens who have made me realize how different each one is.

  29. Wonderful stuff! He is a beautiful cockerel - such lovely bright colours. I hope all goes smoothly.

  30. Love the chicken joke comments! And that is quite the story of your chickens! To be continued>>>

  31. Love your "C" post! You got a chuckle
    out of me! :)

  32. Yes I also got a good laugh out of some of these answers and enjoy your family of chickens personalities as well. Birds are indeed interesting to watch. I think we can learn a lot from birds. Great post for the letter C.


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