Sunday, November 27

This time last Year!

Elsie in the garden!
Definitiely the choice for this years's Christmas Card.
Wonder what is in store weatherwise?
Keep hearing lots of warnings - still just windy today - any thoughts?


  1. Hi Denise, that's a lovely photo of Elsie playing in th esnow. I am also using one of the photos I took this time last year.
    No snow here today, just WIND but then we always get wind LOL

  2. actually a BEAUTIFUL day yesterday in Albany, around 61F/16C. It'll be colder, and I suspect a bunch of snow this winter.

  3. Our thoughts this morning Denise were - thank goodness last night;s wind and last year;s snow didn't occur on the same night.

  4. Oh what a lovely photo of Elsie,she is a bonnie dog.Dont want any snow yet unless it can just lay everywhere but the roads so we can all still get out safley.Love Jill xx

  5. This would make a beautiful Christmas card! I'm hoping for less snow this year.

  6. What a fantastic picture - look at her snowy face!

  7. What a wonderful photo. It would make a special card.

    cheers, parsnip

  8. I dont think we will have a white has been such a warm autumn....but there is time yet!

  9. I hope we DON'T get a white Christmas. Everything just gets so sloppy and I'm stranded at home. But the photo of Elsie is so cute!

  10. Well you can keep the white stuff! Though that photo is brilliant!
    I would be surprised if it snowed this year, but maybe I shouldn't tempt providence.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  11. Snow, here in Canada is a given. BLECH. Enough said.
    Jane x


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