Monday, December 12

Being married to an engineer!

It is a good job I am married to an engineer! After months of smooth operations the Rayburn just was NOT playing ball. Jon dismantled various bits to uncover this.......

An hour later the same part looked like this......

The main chamber did look like this.....

eventually looking like this....

Ofcourse it goes without saying to say that during the whole operation I was cold, very cold but all seems to be working well now. It had been a build up of creosote from the logs - who would have thought it? Towards the end of last week I was not able to  feel warm and i kept putting it down to Shingles - when all along it was the Rayburn. Jon had to practically dismantle it - fortunately this is the type of thing he strangely enjoys!!!! Not so much the dirt and discomfort - but finding out why something is not working to it's expectations. Now it is all sorted we have a warm house.

I must admit things seemed to crash around me on Saturday and I felt everything was getting on top of me - the house was in a state of mess whilst the decorating is in progress - the washing was building up as the weather was dreadful and the house was cold - but I know we are not having everybody round this Christmas Day - which took pressure off. It is amazing the difference a nice warm house makes! Having had a little panic life can now continue as normal!


  1. Creosote certainly blocks up the works, and it is a fire hazard, as well. It would be worthwhile cleaning the chimney, also, I expect.
    I'm glad you are warm again!

  2. Roger
    Very much so - I am one lucky lady!

    Funny you should say that! Chimney Sweep contacted today! lol!

  3. Just keep warm and snug Denise and keep that Rauburn fired up.

  4. How often would you (he) have to clean it out like that? Wasn't it visible before the new Rayburn was installed? Just wondering...I know what you mean about a cold house - my big Christmas present this year is a new furnace! The current one is gasping, hacking, and rattling & rolling all day long and not giving off much heat. Can hardly wait for the new one to be installed!

  5. Oh my husband would have palpitations at the mere thought of it LOL but he's handy when the computer throws a wobbly.

  6. Before knowing you I didn't know what Rayburn or AGA is, and had to look in Wikipedia ! I think it must be typical british, because I have never seen such a stove before which can also be used as central heating. It looks a little bit like my grandma's stove, but she could only cook on it with coal and it also heated the kitchen. You are lucky to have a husband with golden hands !

  7. Denise, is the build up because you are using softwood, or are you not burning the wood hot enough to burn off the creosote?
    Jane x

  8. He's handy to have around isn't he? LOL

  9. Glad you are all cozy and warm again now and feel better x

  10. boy what a good job he did, glad you are feeling less stressed today and thank god you have the heating back on as the weather is all set to change again x

  11. I think it must be the time of year. I have been having panicky feelings too...

    How lucky to have an engineer that works such miracles :-)

  12. lucky you have an engineer who will also do things at home!
    I hope that wasn't a quick build up of tar--better seasoned wood called for? :-)
    The Aga....another good idea from Sweden!! I really miss my solid stove.

  13. Three cheers for husbands that know what they are doing!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  14. So glad you got it up and working !
    Warm is good !
    Hope your better soon !

    cheers, parsnip

  15. thank goodness your dh is very handy,

    Gill in Canada


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