Thursday, December 1

Country Living eat your heart out!

Tonight at my workshop we will be making a wreath for our own houses - this is mine. Am quite pleased - everything was from our garden or from round the home. Cost of oasis £3. Now I wonder how much they would cost if featured in Country Living?


  1. Probably ten times that - and would not be as satisfying either!

  2. You did a great job ! I would hire you !!

  3. M ore than that by a long chalk Denise - yours is lovely.

  4. Glorious.
    Having spent well over two decades making wreaths (yes even before Oasis) it always amused me how 'easy' glossy magazines made the making of wreaths sound, it is much harder to make one that doesn't fall apart when the door is shut than they would have you believe... I bare this in mind when ever I 'try' and follow a recipe in glossy magazines.

  5. It's gorgeous, you have so much talent at your fingertips.


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