Tuesday, December 27

X marks the spot!


Ella certainly loved the hamper Jon’s sister bought him for Christmas!


We have had a great Christmas – great family do and yesterday a great afternoon with friends. Today we decided to go out for a drive so we headed over to Scarborough.
The roads seemed fairly quiet though the view of the North Sea didn’t exactly warm us up!



Knowing it was ABC Wednesday I decided to go in search of an X – and I found one as we drove into Scarborough!


The sales were on so we popped in to a few shops – coming away with 12 cans of cat food, some dog food and a greyhound calendar for my MIL – the calendar that is, not the pet food! lol!
We came home over Blakey Ridge and decided to have lunch at the Lion Inn. The fog was thickening by the minute as you can see from the photo I took of the road home.



Once we reached the road home from the Moor Road the weather cleared and the fog lifted.

The next few days will be quiet, New Year’s Eve will be the next event – we are holding an “At Home” for neighbours and friends – our neighbours are doing the same, so we will be popping in and out of each other’s homes during the course of the night.
We have had a delay with the lounge progress, but we should be back on track over the next couple of days. Working with colours of Brassica (purple) and brilliant white means there can be no grey areas (no pun intended) and the margins have to be spot on. As we were not at home on Christmas Day this was not a problem. Having one of your best friends as a carpet fitter is a joy I can tell you. The minute we are ready spud will be over and carpet fitted. I have waited this long – we can wait a few days more.
Watch this space!
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  1. Ah, a cat in the manger - that's not how I remember the story...
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Roger
    Yes hilarious Jon said something very similar! lol!

  3. Cats will always find a good place for a nap!
    It has been a bit of a grey Christmas weather wise but I live in hope of a bit of snow soon!

  4. Enjoyed the photo and kitties will always find the perfect place for a nap....

    cheers. parsnip

  5. It sounds like you had a delightful Christmas and more fun planned for New Years.
    I'm getting so anxious to see your redo.
    Love your cat in the "manger" too.

  6. Oooooh the clock tower and the foggy photo look very eerie. I'm reminded of "The Woman In Black"!!
    Jane x

  7. Lucky you to have found the Xs on the clock. Glad you're having a great Christmas week. We, too, are having a few friends over on New Year's Eve and I'll be out shopping for appetizers tomorrow. Today, off to lunch with Josie to celebrate her birthday.
    Cathy & I have been discussing our trip and are getting very excited. We think we might stay in Whitby as it will be easier for us to get around without a car and could get the bus up to Scarborough, etc. Also hoping to see you one day! More to come.

  8. What a sensible puss Ella is...... and I loved the scenery of the roadside. That fog had an ethereal look.
    Glad you had a good time.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  9. Is there really a Scarborough fair? We used to sing the song in High school.

  10. Trust a cat to find a new place to settle. Dogs are more interested in finding out if things are edible.
    Love your photos of the fog, Denise.
    Happy New Year!

  11. Love your pictures of the fog and heading toward the North Sea. Re your request of my photo: I would be honored!

    Happy New Year.

  12. It sounds like a lovely holiday and the photos are beautiful. Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2012.

  13. Foggy roads and comfy cats make extra nice pictures. Have a wonderful New Year's Eve, and the best in 2012.

  14. Thanks for reminding me that a physical X can be used for the ever challenging letter X. Happy holidays.

  15. Wow very foggy. Such a special gift for Ella. Have a happy new year Denise!

  16. That's a fog, to be sure! Excellent shots. Glad things are going well!

  17. OOOH -- fog on the moors -- always a scary experience. The clock tower was a good find. Thanks for sending wishes to Flamborough from me. Did you recognize the painting of the Flamborough cliffs in the photo on my X blog? Done by a local Bridlington artist.
    Kitty has found a nice warm spot. Our days are pleasantly warm but the nights are cold --for us. Of course we have to have something to complain about!

  18. Awww, Ella is such a soft and cuddly cutie! Happy Holidays!

  19. cats are so clever - and comfort seeking

  20. Enjoyed going on your shopping trip with you!

    No worries about the ABC Wednesday wearing thin for me - you are stuck with me.

    We have the best bunch of members on the internet - that lowly "X" will not do me in.

    Take care my dear friend, and enjoy your New Years visits!


  21. Love your cat playing baby Jesus in the crip, lol !
    I see your weather was as "beautiful" as ours we also were at the sea but in Amsterdam and it also was grey and foggy. Only on the 24th we could make a little walk to the sea.

  22. Just noticed that I am not in your member list in the sidebar !
    Now I am very offended, lol !

  23. Sweet! Glad you had a good Christmas - hope the shingles have gone now:-)

  24. Thanks for visiting my blog. I know some of Yorkshire quite well as my Brother and his family live in Barnsley.

    Happy New Year!!

  25. Aww Ella looks like our old cat Figs. She looks very Crismossy thare, like sittin in a manger!

    We reelly enjoyd yor card, wiv awl the littol sillooettes inside!

  26. i love your cat. i had three black cats.

    ornamented joshua


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