Monday, November 28

Monday 9am!

True to his reliable word the plasterer's van was on our drive at 8.40am - by 9am he was working!
The decorator awaits in the wings and the carpet is awaiting collection from the shop.............yes, the lounge is now the next DIY focus!

Watch this space!


  1. great that you had on-time workers!

  2. You've found a good tradesman there, they can be so unreliable.

  3. Yes, I got your text this morning. I thought Oh poor you and snuggled back down under the duvet LOL

    I'm enjoying the lull before the next DIY storm here :-D

  4. Will it all be done before Christmas?

  5. Worried "YOU" might get plastered. Way Hay... that might just be fun!

  6. Houston we have lift off

    Yea for you.... at lest your not waist deep in snow like Weaver was last year and maybe you too ?

    Sound like you will be done/ready for Christmas.

    cheers, parsnip


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