Monday, November 21

No rest for the wicked!

The last few days have been very hectic! I had a wedding commission, a christmas card commission and a pork pie competition to prepare for!
The wedding commission is quite a new approach as the bride and groom live in Japan and the wedding party is taking place here in February - so the majority of invitations are e-mail format, even so I still wanted to make them special...more later. Christmas card commission is awaiting approval from the client so again will share this later.

Friday was spent getting ready for the Great Yorkshire Pork Pie Competition an annual event for our business. In the past I have gone for the day but this year we decided it was worth going on Saturday and attending the Yorkshire Federation Master Butcher's Annual Dinnerdance in the hotel and setting up first thing Sunday morning rather than clash there and back in one day...a good choice as you will later!

Ofcourse I wouldn't have done this alone - my friend Jill came with me, I was so appreciative of her help and support. Each year the organisers secure a good rate for Bed and Breakfast in the Cedar Court Hotel and I must say the room was wonderful. We set off lunchtime on Saturday and after a short coffee stop we checked in around 4pm. After a rest and a shower we had a drinks reception followed by the Dinner. It was a great night. The organiser is Robin Moule and he ensured we were on his table - definitely the best table in the hall - certainly not the quitest!!! lol!

After a lovely breakfast we made our way to the exhibition hall where the prestigious prizes awaited!

Amongst the host of trophies and shields was ours!!!!

The judging took place over a period of a few hours, during which time we caught up with customers and made new contacts.

The recipricant of our award! (Robin is taking the photograph) I will be receiving a copy shortly.
As the award ceremony came to a close it was noticeably foggy outside. Fortunately Jill had packed the van so we could make a speedy getaway. The fog persisted for the entire journey home but again, it was great to have company during such an ordeal.

Once home, after unpacking it was time for a welcome bath. Jon said "When you come out of the bath I'll show you your suprise!!!!" - needless to say whilst I was in the bath I was racking my brains thinking about what it could be! I came up with 2 possibilities - either the doors had arrived for the final kitchen cupboards or he had concreted the area near the patio doors in the lounge following the discovery of a damp area under the laminate floor.

It was the concrete!

This morning we received news that the kitchen doors have arrived!
Way hay!
Watch this space!


  1. Ooh I love pork pies, I'd love to be a taster at an event like that. :)

  2. Well Pearl I can pass on your details - they are always looking for new blood!

  3. How marvellous. Congratulations to Jon. Do we get samples, by any chance....haha.

  4. What fun! And everything is moving along with the kitchen, too! Will it all be done by Christmas?

  5. Valerie
    We will all have to meet up there next year - fun eh?

    Yes - it will be finished by Christmas! Watch this space!

  6. Congratulations. Can't beat pork pie and concrete in one weekend! LOL
    Glad you had a good time. Too bad about the fog, though. I know what that's like after spending my working life in Vancouver.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  7. Congratulations all around !
    What a wonderful weekend. Maybe the rooms will be done for Christmas. Wouldn't that be grand !

    I can't wait to see what what the Christmas Card looks like.
    I have been a greeting card artist all my life and have worked for most of the card companies in the US. Now I just do mine and few friends.

    cheers, parsnip

  8. Glad you had a fab time, Jil mentioned you were going.
    Well done Jon for the award and well done you, for losing all that weight despite being surrounded by yummee pork pies!!

  9. Kay
    Exactly - phew!

    It is a photograph we are using - yes all set to be completed by Christmas

    Funny you should say that - our local butcher's wife told me today she could tell I had lost weight - so I celebrated.....with a pie!!! lol!

  10. Congratulations on your New Kid on the Block award Denise - I bet you are very chuffed.

  11. We sure did have a good time Denise, think I enjoyed getting all dressed up for the dinner the most we dont do it often enough,looking forward to next year now.Love Jill xx

  12. Mmm...! Pork pies. I love them! I bet that room where all the judging went on smelled divine! We've arrived at our vacation spot and hooking up to the internet was a breeze, so now, on to S is for... :) (Actually'smile'would be a good one). Congrats on the award. Loved Weavers "chuffed". Haven't heard that in years!

  13. I had a pork pie once and loved it - then I looked at the calorie count! But you know, I bet it's a handy meal to take along to the allotment when you've got loads of digging to do ;)

  14. I have never looked upon you as especially wicked, quite the contrary :-)
    So I suppose you really loved it all!

  15. Congratulations on the Pork Pie award. Husband must be well chuffed.
    Sounds like a good time was had by all.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May


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