Thursday, August 11

It's wet!

It has rained for the best part of this week now. Quite a few people have been saying they felt a nip in the air indicating that Autumn is on its way. I guess Autumn may well be knocking on the door but summer never really arrived - well not here anyway. Summer may have hovered about but that's about all! Thank goodness for the nice weather we will have in the first week of September! Trust me on this! We are going to France on the motorbike then and we always have good weather!

In the meantime - I ordered my winter boots today!
They look robust for my walkies out with Freida!


  1. Them boots look are made for walking! Wet here too though we have had a summer in Suffolk in fact we had a drought....

  2. Wow, can't believe you are thinking of winter boots already, I'm still waiting for the summer to arrive!

  3. I'm sure I'm not the only person wearing thick socks and a sweater!
    I saw a smoking chimney along the lane yesterday, which didnt surprise me, we had a chilly wind yesterday.
    An Indian summer? what do you reckon?

  4. tattie
    They are M&S - I currently have a pair from M&S I bought in 2000 - getting a bit tatty now (no pun intended) so I'll be using them in the garden. Yes - I have high hopes for these boots.

    Needs must hun! At least I'll have them ready - whenever the winter/autumn comes aong!

    Kath - yes agree - lots of chimneys on here! Indian summer? We can only hope eh?

  5. It would be good to have an Indian Summer. We have not had much of a summer here. I hope you are right about the first week in September.

  6. Wow! Those boots are cool! Hope the weather in France is kind. We're still hoping for more sunshine - but not too hot;-)

  7. Cheshire Wife

    yes - first week (commencing 5th) it will be good weather - well in France anyway! Always nice when Jon & I tour on motorbike.


    Weekend forecast is bad - more rain!!!!!!

  8. Hello - love the look of thise boots :o)
    Thank you for visiting and leaving a really should 'have a go' and make the vanilla extract, you'll never go back to buying it!
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  9. You should have good weather for your hols. We haven't had much of a summer here, either. Cooler than normal and seems like more rain. But at least I've only had to put the fan in the bedroom for a while one night. I love those boots! M&S you say? Oh me oh my...I wish they were still here in Canada!!!

  10. yes we will have good weather in the first week of september, because we go back to school!

  11. If you can get the boots in non leather then I WANT SOME!!
    Jane x


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