Tuesday, August 9

Ashamed to be a UK citizen!

The news tonight is distressing. I am disgusted at what is going on. Far away in war zones we have brave men and women fighting for our we have mobs destroying the marrow of the bones of the same country.


  1. I'm sure it's only the tiniest minority. But it's certainly scary. I put it down to two things....not enough discipline in childhood and cell phones!

  2. I agree with Rinky, seems like younger people are easy to get angry and they had this mob mentality thing.

  3. It is awful - yes i agree with you too Brenda...also parenting issues! Dreadful stuff. A charity shop even was broken into with baby's prams being stolen!

  4. It's a strange thing, this rioting I agree. Unfortunately even though they are a small percentage, it's these rioters who get all the news. We just have to realize that 99 percent of British people are as shocked about this as everyone else.

  5. I have a slightly broader perspective on this kind of incident. When a few disgruntled trouble makers start a small riot, the media gets a hold of it and and all kinds of yobbos from all over, zero in to the area to join the fray. Some of these are just looking for a fight and some of them are true anarchists who do this kind of thing all over the world,to overthrow whatever law and order or government there is. This used to be a Communist tactic (really, I'm not just making this up.) One of their strategies was to cause as much unrest everywhere they could so that eventually the ordinary people like you and me would be so sick of all the turmoil that we would accept some kind of dictatorship or strict governance just to get things running smoothly again. This happens in cities over here. You go to where the trouble spots are and you discover that some of the thugs have actually been bused in to add to the numbers! I have seen this happen and in one particular case got caught in the middle of this strategy -- fortunately not physical violence, but definitely urged on by Marxists to keep on causing trouble in our school district.( I was on a health and safety committee -- long story). The more dissent there is the better they like it. The young man in Norway is typical of anarchist thinking.

    Sorry! Off my soapbox now! :}

  6. I woke up and saw the TV news. How awful.

  7. ChrisJ is correct. I studied this in University sociology class. It's the 80s all over again.
    Thinking of you all and praying you are all safe.
    Jane x

  8. I thought of you and all my UK blog friends and I hope you all safe and away from turmoil.

    Hugs from Tucson, Arizona

    cheers, parsnip

  9. I'm thinking of you all, too. It wasn't that long ago that there were rioters in Vancouver - over a stupid hockey game! But like Chris said, lots of these yahoos came simply TO riot - they didn't care why or who was hurt or whatever. But it looks like the British police are doing all they can to stop it.

  10. I'm pretty angry too! I have a lot of friends in London who have been affected. I truly believe it's being manufactured now the police will have a hard job as will community leaders. We need to change our school year so we don't have ridiculously long holidays, we need support for parents to get their children into school and we need to stop this great push for everyone to go to university, we need to look at people getting trades/vocational qualifications and all young people should do community service before they are allowed to leave school.
    Ooops I think I have been soap boxing!

  11. It heartened me, Denise, to see the clean-up squads moving in with their brooms. There have been some good articles in the Times about the rioters - they just seem to be young people intent on looting places - as you say - what is the place coming to.

  12. I'm ashamed that this is happening on our streets. But I am also proud of the many people who are taking part in the clean up operations. I also feel for the members of our emergency services who have to face all this.

  13. I saw on the History Channel where they showed what ChrisJ said happened. I think it was in Hungary and after the riots, the Communists insidiously took over before the average citizen knew what happened.

    Having survived the different riots here in Los Angeles and the surrounding area for many, many years, I can understand the frustration you are feeling. Most of the people rioting are just using it as an excuse to commit thefts of others hard earned property.

    There is such a sense of entitlement amongst the young people that is hard to understand. As long as they think everything should be given to them instead of actually earning it themselves, then it is easy to get them to riot. Thus making it easier for those with a more sinister reason behind the rioting to try and take control.

    Knowledge is power, and the more that the average person knows, then the less power and control over them is given to those trying to force change.

    When they had the teachers rioting in the state of Wisconsin for fear of losing their jobs, that was older, educated adults doing similar tactics brought on by the unions. Recently though, it has been shown that because they lost, the school districts are now paying less in a more competitive health care market, the teachers have kept their jobs and others have been hired.

    Sometimes "change" is not so good.

    I think that peaceful protests are just fine and usually have greater results. These are done with people who have a goal in mind and it is not to rob thy neighbor.

    Anyway I need to also get off the soapbox and just say that the most important thing is that most all of us just wish that all the good people of your country are safe and that the crazy thieves get a good spanking.

    Maybe sparing the rod on some of them is not a good idea.

    God bless.

  14. PS...The only shame is the shame of those rioting.

    And I wish I could cook an egg to come out like that one in the pic.


  15. I know EXACTLY how you feel. These people are scumbags who have no right to be on this earth. What sort of parents do these kids have? The press don't help either.

  16. As usual it's 'rent-a-mob' doing their worst Denise - they should all be flogged!

    However all the people who are out there cleaning up warm your heart don't they?

  17. Thanks peoples - yes I am heartwarmed by the cleaning up efforts that volunteers are initiating.Calmed down now.

  18. You have my sincere sympathy. Disgruntle, however justified, can easily be used by extremists of every variety. That is for instance how Hitler and Mussolini came to power. Also, ordinary criminals and thugs take advantage of this kind of thing.

    I see that the terrorist in Norway was mentioned. He can best be described as a kind of neo-fascist who looked upon himself as a crusader for the ultra-right.

  19. Makes me ashamed too. It seems to be the second & third generation of a people who have been brought up to disrespect law and order and to feel that everything is theirs for the taking. No respect for anything or anybody.
    Parents must know what their children are up to.
    They moan that they have nothing.
    We didn't have half as much when we were young and there was a war on.... but people would not act like that. Everyone looked out for each other.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  20. I was going to blame it on weak political leadership, but there has been none at all, weak or otherwise. Certainly the police appear not to have the political backing to take more forceful action.

  21. Like everyone else, I fail to understand what they hope to achieve by this mindless rampaging. They are destroying their communities.
    Sad to discover that one of the rioters is a teacher!

  22. this is not youth fighting for their rights this is yobs jumping on a band wagon to see what they can get for nothing, it is a sad state of affairs. It is also heart warming to see social networking sites being used for the greater good to rally a clean up, well done to them!

  23. It's such a shame that the minority once again have managed to get worldwide attention for the wrong reasons! Whatever happened to national pride and respect for other people?
    Though why can't we have politicians that actually live in the real world?
    Really interesting to read the comment by ChrisJ, I didn't know that!


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