Monday, August 29

Diet Progress

last week at Slimming World I achieved my 1 and a half stone award - Each week I chissel away at the diet and whilst I haven't had big weekly losses nevertheless it is steps in the right direction.


I have another half stone which I want to get rid of, bringing my total weight loss to 2 stone. Once I achieve that I will consider the next step, or if there will be one - not sure.
The photo above (I am front row 2nd from the left) shows those of us who were nominated for woman of the year award. The lady next to me, Frances was the winner - she has lost 10 stone!
A great part of the success is down to the support we give and receive within the group.
I also received my Gold Body Magic award - for the extensive exercise I do - what with walking Freida and extreme DIY!
Talking of extreme DIY I can hear Jon removing the old boiler......... better go and help!


  1. How's that for determination! You've done really well, Denise. Congratulations.

  2. Congratulations :-) You are doing really well.

  3. Congratulations Denise. I found great satisfaction when I reached the 2 stone mark. I sometimes gain a couuple of pounds but always weigh on a Sunday morning and if it shows then I work to get the extra off very quickly.

  4. Congratulation !
    Well done to all of your group.

    Now go help Jon wrestle that old boiler into submission.
    Can you re purpose it into a interesting planter ?

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Hooray!

    I need to get back on track - I've let my efforts wander a bit.

  6. Just converted 2 stones...aah 28lb. TWENTY EIGHT POUNDS....Holy Mackeral! Well done! I'm impressed
    Jane x

  7. Congratulations! It is hard work, getting slim!

  8. Good for you on the weight loss. Keep at it.

  9. Congratulations - you must feel so pleased with your new you!


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