Thursday, December 16

It's back!

The view of the Moors on our way home today!

Well the weather forecast was correct yet again - down to the time of day we would get more snow! We had to go to County Durham today so we were keen to get any running around done - and we just did.
As we left the village this morning the fluttering snow stopped just after 11am and as we drove towards Durham the roads were clear.
Coming home however we could not get away from the fact that the area which seemed the worst hit was once again the North York Moors - indeed as we were driving home the all too sure signs of the effects of snow were all too clear. Cars, fearing for their traction were definately driving slower and as we watched on, clear roads were suddenly covered by the drifting snow off the moors. Apparantly this bout of snow is going to be worse than the last one due to the icy cold wind which as I speak, I can hear howling away outside.

I was listening to "Thought of the Day" the other morning on the Chris Evan's breakfast show. The pastor was talking about a journey she had made on a motorway, during the snow we had a few weeks ago.
As she approached a convoy of military vehicles - where we often see the brigades of servicemen in the rear, instead this convoy was transporting shepherds, together with their sheepdogs. What a sight that must have been at this time of year! The army have indeed being active in rescuing many rural communities, people and animals alike.

All the sheep in our village farms are now inside the barns and outbuildings - we hear them as we lay in bed as we are just over the road from Ronnie, a sheep farmer. Let us hope the winter conditions are not too devestating for the farmers and sheep alike.

I enjoy Radio 2, but my big favourite is Classic FM. One of my all time favourite christmas music was played today and it did make me think about what is going on around us.

Christmas music is so moving, no matter what your preference don't you think - do you have a favourite piece/carol?


  1. That's a lovely photo. I'm not so pleased about the snow being back though. The last lot hasn't melted around here and we've had more today, although it was just a sprinkling. More is forecast!

  2. BP
    Agree with you 100%! Yes more to come - more coal & more oil! Not good!

  3. Sorry to hear about the snow again. I'm glad the sheep are 'safely gathered in'. I heard the other day that farmers like their lambs to be born in shelter because outside the crows come down and peck out their eyes!
    Beautiful video! Those pure voices always bring tears to my eyes.

  4. I love Christmas music too. The 70's songs for parties and big gatherings. Carols to join in and sing being a soprano ;-) One of my all time favourite tunes though is silent night, there is just something about it :-)

  5. Luvly jubly snow!!!!!
    We hav raydio 5 on in the morning so I don't get to do eny boogying, wich is rong if yu think abowt it. A Bear needs to boogy!

  6. The snow does make everything look so beautiful. We had snow yesterday but it didn't settle thank goodness. There's more forcast for tomorrow though so we might not have escaped it yet. I love to hear Christmas music being played by brass bands.

  7. Yes we've got it too down in Somerset and it's still snowing. The pasterers made it, to my surprise, I hope they can get back home again tonight.

  8. stunning in a stark sort of way !!sandy

  9. Mrs N,
    You'll be in for another dollop of the white pracht pretty soon, if not already, if the latest image from the heavens is anything to go by.
    As to my favourite Xmas tune I think I'd have to say it's 'Do they know it's Christmas'. It was on the car radio tonight when I was driving home through snow.

  10. The military carrying shepherds and sheep at Christmas time? There has to be some kind of a story to make about this. If it weren't so close to Christmas and I have no decorations up yet, I'd have time to get creative, but the image has definite possibilities.

  11. I love your photo. Doesn't snow look lovely before it gets slushed up!
    I tried to comment yesterday but for some reason or other, couldn't.

    My favourite Christmas music....... I love John Rutter's music and I like Carol of the Bells and It Came Upon A Midnight Clear.
    Have a great weekend.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  12. We had lots mor snow today! HurrayYy!!

  13. You must be fed up of snow by now, beautiful though it is. Our part of the world is so unused to it that we're not prepared and everything comes to a halt.

    love your knitted shepherds especially!

  14. What an awesome photo, it looks so beautiful, doesn't it? Of course, the reality is far from it! Hope you are surviving the elements hon, and keeping warm - it's pretty much the same over here, but at least I have all my brood back under the same roof.

    Wishing you a lovely Christmas, filled with love and laughter.

  15. It is good you are so prepared for snow. All I hope is I can get to the shops tomorrow - the roads are clear put the pavements are sheer ice.

  16. Gerald be careful out there. We need you.
    I've recently seen some hard plastic ice-gripper spikey things you can fasten onto the bottoms of your regular shoes. About a tenner they cost. But you have to get the shop to get them.

  17. I'm fed up of snow, I agree, but that photo is so lovely! The snow is very beautiful - as long as we don't need to get out!


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