Sunday, December 19

Domestic Stuff!

We are snowed in again so I am making the most of it and cracking on with preparations for the Christmas Dinner. My MIL phoned this morning - worried that she wont be able to get here if the snow continues as it is - but we reassured her she will definately get here as Jon will collect her in the pick up. There should be 8 for dinner - My SIL, her partner, the 3 nephews, MIL, Jon and myself. I must admit I love preparing in advance as on the day itself, once the meal is served the family clear up and there is a constant supply of nephews to help out. I will designate jobs - important ones like making sure everybody has drinks nd the likes!

This is the menu

* denotes this dish is prepared and in the freezer!

Tropical Fruit Salad in something alcoholic


Roast leg of lamb

Roast beef

(all of the above will have cooked through the night in the aga)

Home Roast Parsnips & Potatoes*

Mashed champ potatoes (with cream & spring onion)

Vegetable Bake*

Green veg (brussels  *, cabbage & brocolli)

Peas *

Yorkshire Puddings


Chipolata Sausages/bacon rolls

Stuffing Balls*


Vanilla Scones, *Fruit, Clotted Cream with Cointreau

Raspberry Trifle

The vegetable bake is my own recipe heavily influenced by M&S. Here is how I make it:-

Half a white cabbage - chopped and lightly steamed.
1 large onion  -  chopped and lightly steamed.
4 large potatoes partly cooked
2 Big hand fulls of green beans chopped
4 carrots cooked and chopped
3 tomatoes finely chopped
1 cooked cauliflower finely chopped

Stir all together and add 3 beaten eggs, half a pint of milk and grated cheese and season to tastle.
Place in a casserole dish and cook - you will thank me for this recipe it is awesome.

The picture is of the stuffing balls now in the freezer. I like to keep things simple and used a packet of paxo sage and onion stuffing to which I added some seasoning I was given at the Great Yorkshire Pie Show in October. Not sure what it is but it was to add to sausagemeat to add flavour - so I have now added it to the stuffing mix together with plenty of cooked onions. I tasted a sample and it certainly had a kick to it!
For desert I am trying something different - the vanilla scones, made with yoghurt are absolutely delicious. I know I have gone on before about them here but the taste is just out of this world. I will serve them on a large platter with lots of clotted cream and a variety of fruit. The cream with contreau again is awesome. I did make some up with this cream and orange curd - awesome!

I only need to get the odd thing in which I will do locally. I didn't dare order any shopping on-line as the deliveries have been cancelled due to the bad weather!


  1. Everything on your menu sounds deeelish Denise. :)

  2. Oooo can I come to your house for Christmas dinner???
    Your menu sounds glorious.
    All I have done so far is get the ham for our dinner Christmas Day. There will be 9 of us. Actually finally looking forward to it.

  3. I will be there too, that sounds really really scrummy!!!

  4. I'm amazed that anyone in your house can move after that wonderful Christmas dinner:) I've always done a lot of baking and cooking ahead in the past but not so much this year as there will only be three of us for the first time ever. Neil has been up this weekend but Steve is in South Africa so we shan't see them at all this year -first time he hasn't been home at Christmas since he was born 37 years ago.

  5. It all sounds wonderful. Yumm!

  6. Serious yum!!!

    Thanks for coming by to visit me I really like your new blog and added you to my list. I'll be back as often as I can!! Glad you liked the Dylan!! I thought that song really relevant to today's world!

  7. Oh that sounds wonderful - you're so organised. We're wondering if we'll get to our son's for Christmas. He lives near Edinburgh and the roads are bad between him and us - let's hope it clears up a bit.

    I'm going to try that veggie bake for New Year when my daughter-in-law will be with us (weather permitting) as she's vegetarian. How long do you bake it?

    Happy Christmas

  8. Margaret I bake it for between 30 - 40 minutes. Check that it doesn't dry up - add a bit more milk if it seems to be.

  9. Oh you just like tormenting a woman with no cooker and a large supply of microwave dinners. if you don't stop, I won't show you any more of my workmen LOL LOL

  10. Kath - do you want a parcel sending? lol!

  11. Sounds delicious. We just have my mum and dad here for Christmas dinner, so there'll be six of us. You sound super organised too, I never prepare anything in advance.

  12. Jo
    I guess I am organised this year - I try to do as much preparation as possible so I can sit and enjoy the day!


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